Diamonds are plentiful in Western Australia, metaphorically and physically. Home to the worlds largest Diamond mind and easily boasting Australia’s biggest land mass, Western Australia is big, beautiful and offers great opportunity.

Given the remoteness of its capital Perth and its central population of 1.7 million city dwellers, there are some strong considerations about moving to or from Western Australia. This is particularly important if your move includes a rural town of Western Australia like Geraldton, Karratha, Pt Headland or Broome to name a few.

The difference between a well oiled Backloading machine like Australian Interstate Removalists and a standard company offering dedicated resources for these rural towns can be many thousands of dollars. Money we are sure you would rather keep in your pocket.

We are highly confident we can provide an excellent quote for most, if not all parts of Western Australia compared to what’s available in the interstate moving market.

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Western Australia Backloading as Well as Dedicated Trucks or Containers

As mentioned above, you are looking at many thousands of dollars difference between these two options when dealing with rural towns of Western Australia. This is due to the huge distances between them and Perth and very small populations to support moving companies servicing those areas.

Consider Perth a hub for all interstate moves that include Western Australia. A move from Broome will go through Perth to go to its destination to the Central or East Coast.

Western Australia is a state that really allows our unique moving network model to shine its true value to you. However, for those of you who are lucky enough to fill a truck or container yourself or are privileged enough to be able to afford a standalone relocation, we offer that too.

Dedicated Truck or Container explained: Whilst it kind of explains itself, there is one key trigger that really makes this option work. It’s having just the right amount of furniture and effects to fill a truck or a container. The trucks vary in size depending on what’s available at the time of your move where as a container is either 20ft or 40ft. When you can fill a space completely yourself, it makes practical sense to transport it alone without
sharing space with others (see Backloading below) because the base running costs are all covered easily within the calculations.

If you just prefer to pay the extra costs to be sure your goods are as safe as possible with as much dedicated focus and flexibility around uplift and delivery times, then just ask for this as your Quote.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Western Australia

Sharing is fastly becoming the game changer of our time. Think AirBNB, Uber and the whole WeCommerce economy. Its practical, unique, cost effective and gives more choice to the consumer.

So we don’t mean to brag but Australian Interstate Removalists have been doing this for decades now with huge progress in efficiency. Backloading is fundamentally getting a “Load Back” from a distant location, however it includes sharing large space in each direction.

Picture this!

Example Move:

It truly is a well oiled machine.

You may wonder about safety of your goods sharing space in relation to damage or even getting mixed up. This should be nothing more than a fleeting thought, we have learned excellent loading systems to divide moves up in a space by use of boards, straps, protective padding and supported by a highly detailed inventory list of every

No single possession enters our space within being ticked off first. The process of itemisation begins below before the Quote. If you are ready to take a step, get started now and allow us the opportunity to impress you with our friendly, professional process.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Western Australia

If you have read the detailed copy above, you will see you cannot get an accurate idea about price without providing a detailed inventory of your possessions and especially without human involvement over the phone to double check everything.

The true savings in moving to or from Western Australia are not achieved through a cheap or premium service, they are discovered through practical collaboration of resources, or a well oiled moving network. This we offer in abundance. An average interstate move in Western Australia can range anywhere from $800 to $3000. However,
this can increase considerably to include many thousands more, if you have a larger volume of possessions to be moved. It will also increase moving a greater distance or to or from a remote location.

To help you make a decision today and progress with your move, know that Australian Interstate Removalists have a very refined and robust moving network collaborating in all of Western Australia, which gives you the best chance of success in the price department.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Volume, as mentioned above, is measured in cubic meters or m3. This is because our trucks and containers are large steel boxes.

Here’s a small list of item measurements to help you progress:

Distance is measured by the length of highways and distance between capital cities. If you are trying to work out some initial calculations yourself you must factor in deviations off of the typical highways considering the example I put in the backloading section above.

There are extra charges for things like access to properties. This includes:

Any one of these can add hundreds to a move. So allow yourself the freedom to enjoy peace of mind and give us the opportunity to quote you in a detailed manner covering all of the most important cost-factor components of your move.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

The moving industry tends to grow in peaks and flushes. One week we are booked out too much work and the next it can be quiet. This is significant for almost all moving companies.

For this reason it is vital you get in early where possible. Don’t waste time. If you are moving soon just fill out the form and get the information you need early, it also allows us to negotiate the best parts of our network on your behalf provide the best deal.

You can be sure if we are busy, it can only end up costing more to move as there are less options and less need for us to keep things tight.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Western Australia

This is simple. Spend 5 minutes reading this whole article and you will see we are very
suited to providing you a quote and service that will be very appealing to you.


Whilst Stress-Free is a catch phrase in moving companies, we are serious about delivering on it in every way possible.

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