Victoria is home to the worlds largest Gold Nugget known as “The Welcome Stranger”. Weighing a whopping 70kg, this thumper was found by two Victorian men in Ballarat in 1869. This is perhaps a fantastic analogy for what Victoria and its capital Melbourne have to offer.

Otherwise known as the Garden State and home to 5.8 million people 50.8% of which are women, this great state has played host to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games and was home and the birthplace of the Australian icon – or tyrant – Ned Kelly.

Whether you are moving to Victoria or away from it to start a new chapter in your life, Australian Interstate Removalists takes pride in opening this chapter with a great first impression.

Today is your lucky day! Why you ask…

There are huge volumes of people migrating in and out of Victoria year round, which translate’s directly to options/choices/freedom and directly into your back pocket as savings.

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Victoria Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

A bad result is not having options to choose from, an excellent result is having the power to choose what feels right for your move. Australian Interstate Removalists (AIR) boasts one of Victoria’s largest moving networks. We offer that pool of resources to you today to start planning your move.

If you aren’t familiar with what Backloading is, see the example below. If you are, you will know it offers significant savings, however savings aren’t everything. Many Victorians prefer the certainty and dedicated service of a standalone truck or container for their move.

A dedicated truck or container is what you have come to expect from a local move where your good are taken directly from your uplift address (origin) to your delivery address (destination). You embark on your journey knowing that you need not work around any of time constraints that Backloading can often bring into your move, or worry that your possessions are being handled with less care and attention.

Its important that you understand that this worry isn’t entirely founded though. Backloading is ahead of its time in quality and practicality.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Victoria

Backloading is as it sounds in reverse, a load back, or at least this is where it began.

Consider AirBNB or UberX. The sharing economy is now booming, but moving companies and Australian Interstate Removalists have being doing it for decades.

This example below will open this up for you to understand it better.

Example only:

The Smith Family from Ballarat moving to > Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Karen of Melbourne moving to > Byron Bay
The Patel family of Geelong moving to > Mackay QLD
Martin and his new wife from Albury, Wodonga moving to > Brisbane

All of these people can share the space in this huge truck by plugging into our moving network and sharing it at the approximate same time. This truck will uplift in reverse order, safely loading the Patel family from Geelong on the front of the truck first. Their possessions travel the longest distance to Mackay, and are delivered last. No double handling. This goes on, in order of delivery distance.

Short term storage can also be offered in this example for any of these customers. This total journey from start to finish without any specific requirements from any customer, will only take a few days to a week.

You can see that this particular truck will use a certain amount of fuel and require a certain amount of professional furniture removalists to complete all jobs safely and effectively. By putting all of these customers together, they all share in those costs and savings.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Victoria

Moving interstate is an extremely dynamic beast. You are not going to be able to get an ACCURATE idea of this without human involvement. A professional estimator needs to speak with you over the phone about a few of the finer details. This process will also require a time investment from you to ensure you give your mover the information needed to deliver a peaceful, enjoyable experience.

The first step is provide an accurate list of items including your best estimate of boxes, our professional estimators can help you with this too. Click the button and get started.

To give you a range your move may fall between, that larger majority of interstate moves can cost between $600 – $2500 depending on distance travelled and especially volume.

This can increase by thousands for larger moves with extra services like packing, storage and cleaning etc.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Volume is measured in cubic meters (m3) and distance can be easily calculated on Google Maps.

Here are some volumes to help you get a picture in your mind:

Distance must also include deviations off of main highways and more often than not the main cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane act as bases to add and remove certain customers goods to be collected/distributed to their remote locations in a state. Quality systems and procedures is what enables and safe, practical and cost effective solution for your move.

Australian Interstate Removalists are proud of the service we have created and the reputation it has earned.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

134 000 people migrated in and out of Victoria in the 14-15 year alone. As you can understand with such a huge population particularly expansive in the professionals sector, there are constant movements interstate.

Most Interstate Removalists charge more at peak times when schedules are full. Your solution to get the best value, is simply start now and give yourself as much space before moving date to prepare and plan. By getting in early, you secure the best quote possible before prices rise potentially. The early bird gets the worm.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Victoria

This is not a hard sell. We have decades of experience and one of Australia’s largest Interstate Moving networks to offer. On top of this we believe the key to a Stress-Free Move and Peace of Mind is trust. We do everything possible to earn your trust from first touch point to when we drive away from your destination.

Trust is demonstrated through detail, reliability and is felt in the process of quoting. We wont drop the ball once its given to us.

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