Tasmania is also known as Van Diemens land. The half million Tasmanians hold a little secret about their home, it is truly unique and amazing, as are the Apple’s they grown there too. It is home to the beautiful Mt Wellington, the famous 10500 year old Huon Pine, the Tasmanian Devil and Tiger along side the mystique as to whether the
Thylacine is truly is extinct or not. One thing that is alive is the debate about this mystery.

If you are moving to Tasmania or leaving it for greener pastures (which isn’t likely as its pretty green already), Australian Interstate Removalists take much pride in making your first impression a real good one. You may wonder how goods are transported across the Bass Straight which is explained in more detail below, but we transport your possessions via truck or container on the ferry.

Tasmania is not serviced by many moving companies, so the pool of resources is considerably smaller than its neighbour Melbourne, however you are in luck because we offer an excellent service to all destinations within Tasmania.

Let us demonstrate why you can trust us with your move and get started now.

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Tasmania Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

There is perhaps no more unique location for Australian Interstate Removalists to prove our true power and worth than moves including Tasmania. Due to very few moving companies having enough moves to maintain a presence in Tassie, and a small spread- out population, its unlikely you will find a better-suited mover than us. Consider that a challenge.

A dedicated truck or container is significantly less cost efficient than Backloading however is still an option and still carries the most flexibility and peace attached with it. Briefly, a dedicated truck or container is what you will have come to expect from a local move where you possessions are uplifted and taken directly to your destination. Only your possessions travel in the vehicle and the result is less risk of damage or lost possessions.

This should not take away from Backloading though, its become an almost exact science for Australian Interstate Removalists, an art in itself which you will see below.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Tasmania

Backloading is exactly how it sounds, a load back. Way back at the start of this phenomenal idea, it was a movers goal to book a move going far away, and then just find a job to carry back which paid for the fuel and a little extra profit. This is where the concept started however it’s far more than that now. It’s become its own exact science.

Consider for a moment, how much it costs for us to hire the Ferry, buy the fuel and pay all of the removalists at both ends and in-between to complete your move. Its expensive. We have a bare minimum we can charge for any trip and most moves do not warrant paying that minimum. So we offer regular trips that are reliable and invite multiple
customers to share in the costs and the savings by sharing space in our truck or container.

It may also be that you require short term storage for you move to or from Tasmania which makes a container the better option, however you have too much for one container or not enough to fill one. Australian Interstate Removalists operation is built on filling the space of any container (or truck) that embarks on a journey to keep the costs minimal for all of our valued customers. Our collaboration with other moving networks makes this especially easy to negotiate a flexible, highly practical and cost effective solution for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Tasmania

The golden question. Very broadly, most interstate moves range from $600 – $2500 across the country however Tassie ads another dynamic that is the Bass Straight. So you can easily expect a large move to cost thousands more also depending on extra services like packing, storage and cleaning to name a few.

We urge you to resist getting multiple online quotes with the hope you will get an amazing cheap quote without speaking with a professional. This may alarm some of you but its common nowadays. Interstate Moves are far from black and white, they are a million shades of grey. For that reason you must be prepared to speak with a professional moving estimator to get the certainty that engenders peace of mind.

Our friendly estimators are available and willing to offer you free advise without obligation. We are sure the personal contact will give you enough confidence to hire us if we are competitive enough on price.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

The core costs of your interstate move come down to two factors, volume and distance. There are many other factors that we will touch on in a moment but these are the main influencers of price.

Volume is measured only by cubic meters in moving because you are purchasing cubic space in a truck or container. As mentioned above, there is no standard move, however most moves range between 8 to 15 m3 whilst larger houses can easily stretch past 40 m3 which is bigger than a standard shipping container.

Here’s a brief guide to help:

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Distance is easily calculated these days by using Google Maps. If you are moving to or from rural Tasmania you should expect that there are deviation costs to factor also.

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