“The Winner is Sydney” – Perhaps one of the larger world stage moments for Sydney and Australia.

If you are moving to or from Sydney you are in luck. The AIR network has a very strong presence and resources in Sydney and in fact are known to provide some of the best moving Quote options you can find. When moving from Sydney there are a number of factors that can greatly influence your investment, as well as the timing, efficiency and perhaps susceptibility of stress playing out on your move. We will delve into this a little more down the page.

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Sydney Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

interstate removalists sydneyBackloading is highly efficient in and out of Sydney, particularly to other major cities. Due to the enormous population and affluence in Sydney, it has more interstate migrations than any other city in Australia.

In the 2014-2015 year, 178 000 people moved in and out of greater New South Wales region of which the larger majority came through Sydney to reach their final destination. This means that with greater volumes comes a greater number of resources to plug into, which leads to more competition and better value for you.

You may also be interested in a dedicated truck or container for you move. Whilst typically this option can be a little more costly, Sydney’s affluence seems to support this in greater numbers. If you have ever moved locally, a dedicated truck or container is what you would have received, this is the same with interstate although far less common.

This is something we are proud to offer you.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Sydney

If you are more focused on price, but still expect high quality service that won’t leave you disappointed, then Backloading is an excellent option to consider.

Backloading in short, is the process of getting a load “back” from a destination to share the costs of the trip between a few customers, but also includes two or more jobs or customers possessions in any truck or container in any single direction.

Example of a Backloading cycle.

Consider you are Job A

We load Job A  on the truck first, then travel within the same city or on the way to the destination and pick up Job B. We may also pick up Job C and Job D. Once we arrive at your destination, we unload in reverse going to Job D delivery first, Job C second, Job B third and then we finally unload your possessions safely at your destination. Then we may go to pick up Job E, F and G and so on and head back to the city we started.

You can see the need for excellent systems and procedures here, especially when you consider all of the above jobs have specific needs and desired uplift and delivery times as well. This is why we insist you consider not just choosing on price but also on the reputation and expertise of the removalist you hire. The AIR network infact specialises in this kind of move and have spent many years, over thousands of customers manicuring our service to what it is today.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Sydney

As mentioned above, we recommend you steer clear of claims of instant online Quotes or removalists who don’t make personal contact verbally over the phone. Moving is NOT black and white and this is particularly the case with Sydney relocations.

As you can see in the above example, there is a lot to factor in just in the procedures, then on top of that, there is the issue of access to your property. Is it steep? Is it an apartment block with an elevator? What about access to the elevator and other tennants? What about difficult parking? Semi trailers and even smaller moving trucks find it very difficult to park in small streets when we have to use a ramp to load and unload safely.

All of these factors can affect the cost or as we like to call it, investment in peace of mind.

To feed your curiosity a little, an average interstate move in or out of Sydney can range anywhere from $600 – $2500 and can also increase, sometimes considerably with just a few factors like access issues, higher volume of possessions and greater travelling distance.

Be diligent, be detailed and spend a little extra time now, and save time, stress and money later.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Interstate moves are based on a few primary factors, the volume of possessions you have measured in cubic meters and then the distance your goods will travel.

To give an idea, an average 2 bedroom apartment can have approximately 15-20 m3. This is an approximation so please don’t take it as yours. Here are a few measurements just to give you an idea:

The distance you are moving can easily be calculated by using Google Maps now days.

Other changes that cost extra include insurance and extra services like post move cleaning.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

The AIR network run quite tight schedules due to the efficiency of our operation and how we manage our resources. Depending on the time of year you move and how much in advance you make a booking, a busy schedule can also influence the cost of your move. Similar to a reputable Airline like Virgin Australia, as seats on a plane fill up, the prices go up too. Trucks that are certainly going to be full can cost a little more, particularly in the peak season.

As mentioned in the opening header above, approximately 178 000 people move in and out of Sydney a year so this translates to good news for you provided you don’t leave it to the last minute which is extremely common. Make the time now and get the ball rolling on your move.

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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Sydney

You can find many reasons why we believe we are worth considering for you interstate move on this page. Aside from competitive pricing and flexible options to choose from, we bring honety to the game of moving, as well as reliability and proven processes that ultimately lead to more peace of mind in a time that should be more of an adventure than an ordeal. Choose adventure. Choose the AIR network.

 Interstate Removalists Sydney to Melbourne

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne is a relatively straight forward trip. There are a wide variety of highways that our drivers are able to take, and this will largely come down to what other freight and deliveries are in the same truck as yours.

Being an entire day’s drive means that this is likely to be only a single week run for most of our owner operator drivers. However you will occasionally get some young operators who push to get two runs in per week.

Never the less, you can rely on us having a driver who will be making the run from Sydney to Melbourne at a time that will be most convenient for your move.

Backloading from Sydney to Melbourne

Backloading is an option you might want to consider if you are looking for ways to make your move more economical. In the removalist industry, backloading offers a budget option for people who are willing to be flexible. When our removalists go to one location to drop off goods, they often have space left on the truck for more items. You can get your items on the truck for the return trip, and only have to pay for the actual space your boxes and other belongings take up on the vehicle.

Remember, other people will also be loading their belongings onto the truck for the return trip, so you will be sharing the truck space with other customers. If you do not mind that, then backloading may be ideal for you. It is a good way to get cheaper removalist services, and is perfect if you are moving a large amount of items for a long distance, and don’t care about having a private truck. It is not the best option for moving only a small number of items, or one item, or moving a short distance. Keep this in mind when considering using backloading, and know that even though you are sharing a truck, your belongings will still receive the same care and attention they would if you were using a private truck. You will just be saving money.

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Melbourne

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne is a relatively long trip. It is approximately 878 km, and nearly 91 hours of driving (and that is if you don’t figure in rest stops). It will take you all day to get there. The entire drive skirts two national parks….the Kosciuszko and the Alpine. However, you won’t actually be going into either park, just driving their outskirts, so you will get some nice views, while staying in relatively populated areas the whole time. Unlike some parts of Australia, you won’t get too far from civilization on this move.

Whether you are following your removalists in your own car, or riding with them, you will want to come prepared for this trip. It’s not like you can turn around and go back to Sydney easily if you forgot something. Here are some things to keep in mind when making the journey from Sydney to Melbourne.

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Brisbane

Backloading from Sydney to Brisbane

Are you looking for a more economical way to do your move? Then backloading from Sydney to Brisbane may be for you. When our removalists make a stop to unload in Sydney, they can pick up your things to take back to Brisbane. You will, of course, be sharing the truck with other customers who are backloading, but as long as having a private truck is not a top priority for you, this is a perfect way to get your things where they need to go and save a significant amount of money doing it. Our commitment to excellence in customer service will still apply to you just as it would for someone paying more for a private truck, so no worries there.

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Brisbane

This is a drive that takes all day, but it is relatively scenic. As the 10 ¼ hour drive is largely along Australia’s beautiful Pacific coastline, you will not lack for gorgeous and inspiring landscapes to keep you entertained and enthralled along the way. Just keep a few things in mind for the journey:

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Adelaide

Backloading from Sydney to Adelaide

Going from Sydney to Adelaide is a long move. It helps save money to use backloading if you don’t mind sharing a truck. When we drop a customer’s things off in Sydney, we can pick up your things, as well as other loads from other customers, and take them with us back to Adelaide. It is a cost-saving measure for such a long trip, because you only pay for the space your belongings take up in our truck, not the driving, as we were going to be doing that anyway.

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Adelaide

This is a long move, with a more than 14 hour drive from your starting point to Adelaide. Plus, it is a lifestyle change, in a way. You are going from the Pacific coast to the Indian Ocean coast, and to a place that is much farther removed from other populated towns than places like Sydney and Melbourne. While Adelaide is well-populated and has all the modern amenities, there’s not much else around there. The drive there is pretty desolate, too, skirting the edges of the Outback at times. Here are a few things to remember on your way there:

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Perth

Backloading from Sydney to Perth

If ever there was a good opportunity for backloading your move, it is when going from Sydney to Perth. This is a major move from one side of the continent to the other. If you backload by getting your belongings on our truck when we’ve already unloaded in Sydney and are headed to Perth anyway, you won’t have to pay for the drive, just the space (which you will be sharing with other customers, but that’s okay, right?).

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Perth

This is a nearly two day drive, clocking in at 41 hours if you did it straight through with no traffic or stops. Naturally, it will take longer in reality. If you can fly there, you will save a ton of time. You will also save yourself a long and largely empty drive across Australia. If you have to drive, though, here are some tips for the journey:

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Hobart

Backloading from Sydney to Hobart

Enjoy some savings on your move by backloading. When we drop off a load in Sydney, we can pick up your things, as well as the belongings of a couple of other clients, and take them to Hobart with us. We’re going there anyway. Why not tag along for a reduced price?

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Hobart

This is a full 24 hour trip that includes a ferry ride. Unless you are flying, there is no other way to get from the main continent to Tasmania. Bear this in mind when planning your journey, along with these other things:

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Canberra

Backloading from Sydney to Canberra

Backloading is always an excellent way to save money on your move. If we’re in Sydney and going to Canberra anyway, just load your things onto our truck and only pay for the space you use, not the distance. You’ll be sharing the truck with other customers, but if you don’t mind your things traveling with strangers’ things, it’s an excellent money-saving idea.

Things to Remember When Moving from Sydney to Canberra

This is a relatively quick trip, so you will be there before you know it, barring traffic. There are plenty of towns along the way, too, so you will never truly be outside of civilization. As far as moves in Australia go, this is one of the easier ones, at only about 3 ½ hours. Still, as with any road trip, there are a few things to keep in mind, including:

Make sure your car has had an oil change, tire check (and change, if necessary), and tune up before you go, and put a full tank of petrol in it. This will ensure you have the highest chance of getting there safely.

Bring your favorite music to listen to along the way. It makes the drive more fun.

Learn some car games to play with your kids, if you are bringing them. Singalongs and looking for plates from different places makes the drive more entertaining for them.

Bring snacks and drinks to keep everyone happy and hydrated until you get to your new residence.

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