South Australia (SA), was originally established by British colonialists in the 19 th century convict free. It’s a state recognised for leading social and political change in Australia, not to mention it’s World- Class wine regions, festivals, stunning coastlines and the worlds largest Opal Mine and Salt Lake.

Moving in South Australia is particularly strong for Australian Interstate Removalists as it became our birthplace into the moving industry in 1998 and spawned from our original company Complete Removals which is one of the largest, most trusted moving companies in SA.

You will get an excellent quote from Australian Interstate Removalists for any move in and out of South Australia due to our long standing history in the state, not to mention our access to resources we have there. Our moving network of collaborators work together to provide you plentiful options and flexibility around dates and times as well as keeping the solutions practical and cost effective.

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South Australia Backloading as Well as Dedicated Truck or Container

Due to the especially large number of resources we have in Adelaide, Australian Interstate Removalists offer the highly practical and cost effective solution of Backloading as well as to option to move in a standalone truck or container.

The difference mainly comes down to price and flexibility, read What is Backloading below.

A dedicated truck or container is easily the better of the two options if cost is not really a factor for you. This is due to a few key reasons.

  1. You can completely control the uplift and delivery times to suit your needs
  2. Your possessions travel alone, not needing to be packed with other peoples
  3. possessions

Its what you have come to expect from a local move. The furniture removalists arrive on the day and move your possessions directly to your delivery address via no where, except maybe a delicatessen to grab a pie on the way. Backloading unfortunately cannot offer the same direct service, but for very good reason.

If you are moving from a rural town in South Australia, somewhere like Pt Lincoln, Pt Augusta, Whyalla or Mt Gambier, a few factors new to come into play to make a dedicated truck or container a practical option. This mainly includes your volume of possessions nearly or completely filling any particular truck or container that’s available
at the time of your move. The backloading section below explains this in more detail.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From South Australia

Have you ever heard of the sharing economy that is starting to boooooom? Well interstate moving companies have been doing it for decades. Its best to explain this by example.

Image you are moving from Whyalla to Melbourne or Sydney and you only have 75% of a full house of possessions. The total cost of fuel for us to move you that distance, and labour to load in Whyalla and deliver in another state far exceeds what an average person is willing to pay to make the move. But, what if we have a truck or container
coming back from Pt Lincoln with a house full of possessions on it and a few items to pick up for another customer in Pt Pirie.

Then in Adelaide we have another small group of items ready to go, all of these customers are flexible within a few days to a week for their ideal move dates.

So by sharing space in the same truck or container, you share in the savings. This is especially true if we have a similar collection of moves to come home with from Melbourne or Sydney.

There is an almost exact science required for the loading and itemisation of all possessions into inventories to ensure that jobs remain separated in the truck and kept safe. This is one of the strongest selling points of Australian Interstate Removalists.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From South Australia

So in the above example, the total cost of fuel and labour (professional removalists) is divided up between all of the customers who choose to ride together. There are massive savings to be had.

An average interstate move can cost anywhere between $600 – $2500 depending on some key factors. These factors include volume, distance and extra services for we offer for purchase. Please keep in mind that it can cost many thousands more than this and its common it does, however its normally larger moves requiring storage, packing or cleaning and may include rural uplifts or deliveries.

Access to properties is another cost consideration. Does either end of your move have a steep driveway, stairs, and elevator within an apartment block or poor parking on the street. Any of these can add hundreds to a move.

The most important thing is detail. Choose not to get quotes without human involvement. Speak with a professional moving estimator so the right level of detail is discussed. People experience all kinds of bad moves when they get online quotes and make bookings based on them. A little time and effort now on your side, will save you a ton of stress and potentially some money too 🙂

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

When we speak of volume, its measured in cubic meters or m3. This is simply because that’s the space we sell in our trucks or containers. They are large, steel boxes that move.

Heres a few examples of volume for you to consider:

Distance is simply calculated on Google Maps nowadays. If you are trying to calculate some of this yourself please consider with distance you have to factor in the right highways and deviations off of those highways if your moving to or from a rural town. If you can allow us the opportunity, we can quickly, and accurately work this all out for you.

The first step is fill out the form below and expect a call shortly from one of our qualified and friendly moving professionals.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

The moving industry is very up and down. One week its completely booked out and the next it can be quiet. It’s the natural ebbs and flows of Real Estate that cause it. For this reason we urge you to give yourself, and us as much notice as possible to calculate the best move for you through our moving network.

Its common we have customers that decide they want to move with us only to find they left it too late and we are fully booked on their dates. Similar to wanting to purchase something you love on sale, but you missed it, and were forced to buy a second rate product. You can be sure if a moving company is booked out, they will be charging full

The early bird gets the worm. Get in early.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From South Australia

With decades of experience we have learned people just want to relax and let go of the stress of moving. This is where our focus lay. With the right level of detail about your move, and a friendly, professional moving expert to support you, you can begin to relax.

With clarity around the best solution for you and a feeling you are in good hands, you can begin to enjoy some peace of mind which is the ultimate result of an interstate relocation.

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