We have a large fleet of trucks moving all around Australia every single day. Whilst many transport providers are scared off by the Nullarbor you can rest assured that we absolutely are not! Whether you are moving to Perth or moving away, we will have you covered with the best and most convenient moving quote available!

During the mining boom we were moving hundreds of thousands of people in to Perth, it got to the point that we had trucks and containers coming back empty because no one wanted to abandon this fantastic city!

Things have balanced out a little now, but a more balanced market place will only ever benefit the customers we believe. So even though we don’t have fleets and fleets inbound every single day, we absolutely will be able to get a truck to your door at a time that is convenient for you!

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Perth Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

With trucks in and out of Perth quite regularly, there is no shortage of availability for either an entire load just to yourself, or for us to get you a backload on an already partially full truck.

Now given the fact that an interstate removals truck can hold hundreds of cubic meters, and the average size of a suburban home in Perth is 3 or 4 bedrooms, you may also realise that you are unlikely to be able to fill an entire truck.

We have had people double over in disbelief when they see their entire household neatly wrapped and stacked like a three dimensional version of tetris into the back of a truck. Having said that, if you think you may be the exception, feel free to fill out our inventory form and we will see if ‘youre dreaming’.

Rest assured though, if you can fill a whole truck then you will get a whole truck, none of this two truck business.

We also promise that when we backload your household, we will NEVER split the backload across multiple vehicles, it will all stay together.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Perth

Backloading is the practice in which we put more than one customer’s household or furniture into a single truck. Given that we use large trucks to make the trip worth driving ( lets face it, Perth to Sydney is close to 4,000 kilometers!) we almost always fit multiple households into the one truck.

The term is used in shipping, and related to cargo being loaded on a vehicle that is making a return voyage. Essentially backload is when a removalist can get another job into their truck with space that would otherwise be unused.

This practice allows for far more competitive pricing for the customers, as not a single person is required to be paying the total transport costs for the journey back and forth.

This however is not groundbreaking, and we are far from the only company that uses backloading and load splitting as a way to provide more competitive pricing to our customers.

We do however believe that we do it just that little bit better 😉

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Perth

The golden question that every has on their mind, is how much will this move to or from Perth actually cost?

The simplest way for you to be able to answer that is to get quotes from as many interstate removalists as possible and then compare them.

The costs to removalists are pretty uniform across the board, with items such as registration, fuel, labour and so on. This results in a market that largely has a central price point.

However, every move is unique and comes with its own variations that can affect the price, such as

All Charges Are Initially Based On Volume and Distance

Volume is pretty straight forward, and conveniently calculable by using our inventory calculator.

Distance is also pretty straightforward and can be sorted with Google maps.

The real magic comes in adding the variable to these two numbers to actually work out what price can be out on your job. If every job was just calculated on cubic meterage and distance needed, then they would all cost a great deal more than anyone would be happy with.

We have a very refined system in place for being able to deliver you the absolute best price on your move to or from Perth.

We take into account:

With Perth Being a Capital City, The Labor Costs May Be Better

This is not so much that labor is cheaper in Perth than it is in other places, it is related more so to the fact that we can generally use our own removalists in Perth who have not had to travel in with the truck.

Not paying for the transportation of offsiders significantly cut down on prices. If we were moving you to somewhere out in the middle of nowhere however, we would need to bring (and pay) the offsider to come with us for the trip and make sure we have the manpower needed on the other end.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

The largest factor on price is the existing schedule of our removalists, how many trucks and teams we currently have in Perth and how many other customers are moving in the same direction at any time.

Generally, if you can match our schedule better then the prices will be considerably lower than they could be. That’s not to say that things have to be completed on our schedule, and there are always flexibility in options presented.

The most important thing is that you will be given these options, and you can see for yourself how schedule can impact removals cost!

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Perth

We have been at this for a very very long time, and we know our industry inside and out. You simply won’t find someone better equipped to bring you the best quote, and then the best moving experience possible.

When we book you in, it is a promise being made. As we discussed earlier, schedule can make a huge difference in price, and there is some less than scrupulous characters who will free up their schedule for a ‘better’ job if they decide there is more money to be made. This then leaves their existing bookings in the lurch and making last minute (expensive) replacement bookings. Don’t let this happen to you!
We know how to get our costs down without dropping our level of service, without cutting corners and without putting you or your valuables at risk. When we bring you the lowest possible quote you can rest assured that it is coming from a well oiled machine and just the right circumstances, not cost cutting or unethical hiring practices.

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