The top end. The Northern Territory is home to Arnem Land, Kakadu National Park, the oldest river system in the world (The Finke) and a whopping high percentage of Indigenous Australian’s, 26% compared to the average 3% in other states. This amazing state has extraordinary beauty and a small population due to its extreme weather
conditions. It is highly tropical and dangerous for an inexperienced person to be out in the bush without guidance.

The low population and remoteness of the Northern Territory and its capital Darwin, make it a very difficult place to provide excellent value Quote’s. However you are in luck. Australian Interstate Removalists boast one of Australia’s biggest and most collaborative moving networks, and NT is included in that pool of resources.

Read on to learn why there are few companies that can do this for you.

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Northern Territory Backloading as Well as Dedicated Trucks and Containers

NT is very removed from almost all of the large populations of Australia. This makes it difficult for an interstate moving specialist to offer value for 9 out of 10 interstate moves. Odd’s are, your move will not be suited to a dedicated truck or container unless money is no issue for you. There are a number of challenges to overcome; the biggest is small demand and huge distances from all the major centres. A dedicated truck or container is always an option and customers moving in or out of the Northern Territory do hire this service, however its rare it’s Quoted and taken.

So consider Backloading as your maximal value option.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Northern Territory

Let’s get the negatives of Backloading out of the way first and finish strong. Backloading is as it sounds. A load back from a destination which is practical to share the cost of fuel and labour to go the location in the first place. The base costs are divided.

However, nowadays Backloading is far more of a science particularly for Australian Interstate Removalists who have build our business around this great concept. In any given interstate relocation, we can have 4-10 different customers sharing in the journey.

If you imagine a large moving container or truck pan, we load jobs in reverse order of their delivery order based on minimising travelling distance. All individual jobs are kept safe and separate through specialised stowing techniques, utilising divinding walls, ties and separating pads. Every single item is itemised in an inventory and ticked when it goes on and when it comes off. If you have 48 items including your boxes and nicnacs that don’t fit in a box, 48 items will be ticked off before we leave your delivery address.

This level of Backloading has been refined over thousands and thousands of moves and requires very strict systems and procedures to do well, and is made possible through a large moving network of resources that bring together enough jobs to make it possible.

If you see that value in this and want to learn more, click the button and begin now, and allow Australian Interstate Removalists (AIR) to demonstrate some of the qualities that have made us one of the most reputable movers in Australia.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Backloading

In the above example, you can see the base running costs to embark on a journey are swallowed up by multiple customers allowing us to provide highly efficient quotes to remote cities like Darwin and Alice Springs. Its highly unlikely you are going to find many moving companies that can perform Backloading services to these locations efficiently.

An average interstate move to either of these locations in Northern Territory can range anywhere from $800 to $3000 with strong consideration that larger moves or moves including extra services like packing, storage and cleaning can increase the Quote by thousands. A deviation into rural towns outside of these main centres will increase the
price too along side poor access to your home.

Do you have stairs? A steep driveway? Are you moving into an apartment block with an elevator? These all add time to the removalists loading and or unloading, and add costs to the quote too.

Consider that detail, lots of detail for us to Quote accurately is the key to letting go and enjoying your move stress-free. Phone conversations are critical to make this happen so please don’t make the mistake of trying to book a move without human contact.

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All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

A furniture removalists workplace is a large steel box, either in the form or a shipping container or a Pantech truck. This box is cubic space and that is exactly how we sell it, in cubic meters or m3.

An average house can typically be around 15-30 m3 but this varies greatly. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand:

Distance is easily calculated on Google Maps these days, clearly we measure in km’s and factor in deviations off of main highways. If your goods are sent via container on the rail system, they will typically be transferred to a flat top truck via forklift and taken to your delivery address without double handling.

If you can avoid trying to calculate your move yourself so you can play movers off against each other with price, that will work out best for you. As a lot of movers don’t have the integrity to be honest with your initial Quote.

Attempt to fill out a few Quotes online or pick up the phone and let a company impress you with their helpfulness and reliability, and then compare a few Quotes and what’s included in them. This will open the whole process with trust and goodwill to find a beneficial outcome for you, and your moving company.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

The moving industry by default is very up and down and fluctuates weekly. Some weeks it booked out too busy and the next it can be quiet. It’s best for you if you give us plenty of notice so we can work our schedule around your move.

Its highly common people reach out a week before their move to book us in, only to learn we are booked out. What happens next is equally common, these customers are forced to book a removalist that they aren’t comfortable with, perhaps at a higher cost because all other options are fully booked.

Start today and give yourself every opportunity to choose the best mover for you.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Northern Territory

If you have read this whole page, you will see that its few and far between that Interstate Moving Companies can provide practical solutions for a move to or from Northern Territory.

Australian Interstate Removalists boast one of Australia’s largest collaborative moving networks and this very much includes the top end; NT.

Our values in business are focused on our promise of An Easy Stress-Free Move.

We must be able to:

If we do all of these, you will be able to let go and trust us which leads to peace of mind, an excellent result for any move.

Go ahead and put us to the test today and get a Quote 🙂

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