New South Wales is a true gem. Sporting stunning coastlines, inland dreamscapes like The Blue Mountains and home to Australia’s largest population for the opportunities and lifestyle it offers.

Whether you are moving to New South Wales for lifestyle or opportunity or away to seek another short or long chapter in your life, Australian Interstate Removalists want to help make that happen in a way that can only enhance your journey. Let your first impression of your new address be a pleasant one!

It may come as no surprise to you that cost – or investment – is a high consideration for most people when choosing a furniture removalist and this is mostly due to the fact it is something you need, not want. However, “needs” need to be met along you’re your expectations or problems occur. At this point we urge you to consider big moving trucks, professionally trained removalists and the resources required to move you effectively come at high costs to your moving company, to us, so perhaps spread your focus to include value also.

What do you get for your investment? This question can make or break your move!

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New South Wales Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

There are primarily two ways you can move interstate or long distance intrastate. The first is Backloading which is elaborated upon below, the second is by use of a dedicated truck or container holding only your possessions. You wouldn’t need a high IQ to understand Backloading (or sharing space in a truck or container) is the cheaper option.
Backloading is fastly becoming and exact science and is done very well by Australian Interstate Removalists, however it does carry a few considerations listed below.

A dedicated truck or container is basically exactly the same as a local move, your goods are collected – or uplifted – and taken to the delivery address for delivery, maybe including short or long term storage in between if that’s what you require.

In order for a moving company to deliver on both of these options – particularly Backloading – strong resources, experience and systems and procedures are critical.

Australian Interstate Removalists proudly, and confidently offer you this today, NOW!

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From New South Wales

We paint a brief picture here for you to understand this concept easily.

  1. John from New South Wales wants to move to destination X
  2. So does Katrina from another town close to John’s
  3. Halfway to destination X, Sam has a dozen items he wants to move there too.
  4. Once we reach destination X to safely deliver John, Katrina and Sam – Wehappily invite Donna to trust her possessions in an empty truck to head to her destination in New South Wales. (Convenient right?)
  5. This can continue with many other additions.

If the total cost of labour and fuel on this journey = Z The cost is divided between John, Katrina, Sam, Donna and anyone else who joins, which is significantly cheaper than if they made the journey by themselves.

In order to offer this, we must set a benchmark price per volume and invite people to get on board. We invite you now 🙂 – Get A Quote.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From New South Wales

In the above example, there are a few factors to establish the best cost – or investment – for your interstate relocation. The key factor in the above move that you may be wondering is the large distance between towns in New South Wales and this is where Australian Interstate Removalists true value begins to shine. Think collaboration!

We access one of Australia’s largest moving network of resources which has trucks running in all directions across New South Wales. These collaborators plug into our network and we all work together for a mutually beneficial outcome where you – the customer – wins on value.

To gratify you a little and give you an idea to think about, an average investment with Australian Interstate Removalists can be anywhere from $600 – $2500 and can also escalate by thousands depending on the distance from the main cities and highways.

The final price is greatly influenced by your volume of possessions too. Please read our warning at the bottom of this page about false claims running about the internet nowdays.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Interstate Moves are charge based on Volume and Distance. Volume is measured in cubic meters (m3)

Here are some measurements to educate you a little:

Distance is easily calculated nowadays by use of Google Maps. Distance is also inclusive of deviations off the main Highways we would use like the Hume for example.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

Be prepared. Advise for any part of your life including moving. If you think you may have a date to move, don’t waste time. Give us time to plan your move with you. Whether Backloading or transporting by use of a dedicated truck or container, we have busy schedules that book out. It’s common we deal with last minute customers who lose choice through closed books or schedules on our side.

Its even more common that customers feel strongly about hiring us, only to find we cannot cater for their move due to last minuteness, then finding they have to hire another company they aren’t comfortable with. Its similar to wanting to buy a product you love on sale and not getting in fast enough, and having to settle for another product.
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Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From New South Wales

If you have read this entire page, you will have more than enough reasons to trust enough to get a Quote today. At the core of our message to ideals:

  1. An Easy Stress-Free Move &
  2. Peace of Mind – starting at first contact with our team.

Certainty engenders letting go which enables peace. In order to get certainty, you need the right team of professionals to handle the right level of detail about your specific move. This is the sweet spot of moving, the cream in the middle of the donut.

Warning: do not allow yourself to be duped by claims of instant online quotes by multiple movers. Moving is far too dynamic to give an ACCURATE quote without human involvement. There are too many factors. Consider these claims are simply to tell you what you want to hear then change the price once the sale has been made. Australian Interstate Removalists will not enter into a contract with you without discussions and a tonne of detail about your move first.

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