People may think that moving to or from Hobart is a difficult experience, it is after all on tasmania and therefore is going to involve a ferry. Now whilst this doesn’t mean it is impossible, it does mean that the ferry and the associated fees will be taken into account.

Nevertheless, if you have decided to make this stunning city with its scenic views and absolutely beautiful Mount Wellington your new home, we can still get you there.

If for some reason you’ve felt the need to abandon this marvelous city, we can get you out of there also.

Our network is expansive, and covers absolutely all areas!

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Hobart Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

Backloading is a  process in which multiple house loads of furniture are all put in the same truck, and this is then dropped off in order. It requires more skill on the removalists side (as they must load things separately and keep everything completely marked off from one another) but it can be significantly cheaper than if you were to commision the entire truck yourself.

The average Australian home holds about 30-50 cubic meters of furniture, yet the average interstate removals truck hods closer to a couple hundred (depending on the rig that our driver has set up).

Having said that, if you can fill the entire truck yourself then we can absolutely bring you a designated truck all for your move!

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Hobart

Backloading is the most common way people move interstate, high volume cities like Sydney and Melbourne can have extremely competitive backloading prices, as it is all based on how many trucks are coming in and out of an area. We have trucks regularly servicing Hobart, so we will always be able to find you a backload that you can get your household into.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Hobart

As it depends largely on the schedules and availability of our fleet, the price can be different depending on when you need to move. Generally speaking, the more flexible you are with your move date, then the easier we can fit you into an existing schedule and the cheaper your overall move!

Other than scheduling factors, it all starts with exactly how many cubic meters you have to move, which is why our quote form includes an easy to inventory calculator.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Hobart

We have the Experience of running interstate moves for over 10 years, we know this industry in and out and we have seen the good the bad and the ugly. When it comes time to trusting your possessions with a removalists, it always pays to be able to get in with a network of highly experienced and trustworthy removalists.

Reliability, this can not be understated. It is sad but true that often an interstate removalists will double book them self when a more lucrative offer has come up. We guarantee that this will never happen. When you book your move with us, it is booked and finalised.

Competitive yet responsible pricing, at the end of the day we offer competitive quotes, but not to the point in which our drivers and owner operators have to start taking short cuts on things like vehicle maintenance and safety, or fair wages, just to win the job. Our quotes are highly competitive, but they will also make sure that the driver and the network can be sustained in a safe and responsible way.

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