Canberra, Australia’s capital city and the home of our strikingly modern Parliment House and our beloved politicians. Canberra is a hotspot for the AIR network, particularly from a backloading perspective simply because of the volumes of people moving between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

If you are moving to or from Canberra soon (which is likely or you wouldn’t be reading this), it’s your lucky day as we will have trucks moving through Canberra every couple of days year round. This translates to getting a highly appealing Quote regardless of the time of year you are moving.

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Canberra Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

We are proud to offer both a Backloading service which tends to be the superior value service and thus recommended for Canberra, but can also offer a dedicated truck. The difference is that for a origin or destination like Canberra, a dedicated truck can begin to get a bit on the expensive side for most moves however it’s a service that we must offer still. The difficulties with dedicated trucks are elaborated a little below in the scheduling section of this page.

When considering whether you prefer Backloading or a dedicated truck for your move, it really comes down to three things, cost vs risk vs flexibility. See below.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Canberra

Backloading originates from getting a load or move back from a destination we are heading to. However it has evolved to be much more of a science now. Today the AIR network have built processes to help us put multiple moves together heading to one destination and then do the same heading back. This has become such an exact science now that we have scheduled trips between cities weekly now and service smaller towns along the way. This is the case with Canberra.

The first issue that comes to peoples minds when they learn about backloading is these few questions:

  1. Will my possessions get mixed up with other peoples?
  2. Do this mean my furniture has more chance of being damaged?

Answer 1: No, it’s extremely unlikely your goods will get mixed up due to the systems and procedures we have developed to execute such a service. Briefly, it’s a combination between inventory checklist prior to loading AND unloading as well as loading techniques using boards and other load-dividing tools during transit. Picture a large, custom built ply board separating one person’s possessions from yours secured by an itemised inventory of both jobs. Its quite foolproof for a business with the systems and staff training to execute it effectively.

Answer 2: This is mostly answered in the first response. We create compartments within the truck to separate each job, so whilst moving always poses a risk to your furniture, its not really increased in Backloading. Its important to know that the risk in moving furniture is not always because of negligent skills, but in the low quality of furniture being made today. Ikea furniture or anything alike, is made to look nice in a home, not be moved.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Canberra

This is a loaded question and poses a little risk if approached in the wrong way. The wrong way is looking for a simple black or white answer, especially online with little or no work. I encourage you to spend a little time now to reap the benefits in the future and get a Quote by listing – accrately – all the items you want moved and be prepared to speak to a moving expert over the phone prior to choosing.

There are many providers who claim instant online quotes, but this is simply a lie. Its disturbingly common too. Moving is anything but black and white. No two jobs are the same. Its grey made clear with the right moving company that drills into the details and communicates well. The AIR network prides itself on details and accuracy because word of mouth is the best form of advertising and is why we have been in business longer than most.

To satisfy your curiosity, an average move can cost anywhere between $600 – $2500 but grow by thousands depending on volume, distance and added services.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Volume is calculated in cubic meters. Here are a few measurements so you can get a clearer picture in your mind.

This is then put into an equation for distance travelled between origin and destination and we have your Quote.

There are other anomolies and added services that add costs too like access to both properties. Is it a steep driveway (highly relevant for Canberra), is it an apartment block with an elevator. We also offer added services like insurance for certainty and peace of mind.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

Book in advance. Don’t muck around. If you are moving start doing your research now. If a truck is filling up you may paymore. This is less likely in cities like Canberra where there are decent volumes of trucks going in and out, however if the other end of your move is a smaller town or city, it can.

In the 14-15 financial year, 35 000 people migrated in and out of Canberra which is high for a city of this size. This is also highly bolstered by the far larger volumes of migrations between Melbourne and Sydney where trucks are only a short deviation off the Hume Highway to uplift or deliver to Canberra.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Canberra

Experience. Integrity. Reliability. Friendly.

The AIR network understand what it takes to deliver an easy stress-free move, possibly the ultimate goal of any move. We know that if moving isn’t stressful, it can be enjoyable and somewhat of an adventure, particularly moving interstate.

Take a step today for your move, give us an opportunity to win your trust and get a Quote. We trust you will feel the first stages of the professional interstate moving service we offer and consider us as your removalist.

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