Brisbane is a fundamental piece of the puzzle for the AIR network interstate moving service. We have been operating primarily up and down the east coast for many years now using Brisbane as a starting point from North to South backloading runs. With a population of 2.2 million and much mining taking place in and around the Surat Basin west of Brisbane, the AIR network have built and plugged into many resources for interstate relocations in and out of the wider Brisbane region.

What does this mean for your move? It means a highly competitive Quote tailored to your specific needs.

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Brisbane Backloading as Well as Dedicated Loads

backloadingThe AIR network provides a unique interstate moving service, unique because we have built our business in such a way that we can cater for customers looking to save on their move and utilise a backloading service, or those of you looking to spend a little extra for the convenience and added certainty of a dedicated load. If you are unsure of the difference between the two its is clearly defined below.

Brisbane backloading is no new concept, however the AIR network are proud to offer a slightly more robust service to remove little added hassles around your move. Moving can be made easier with just a few little add ons like:

The truth of the matter is, no two people are alike nor are their moves. Some people need more assurance, more communication, more certainty than others. You can rely on the AIR network to provice the level of detail you require to be able to let go and trust you are in good hands.

What is Backloading and How Will it Help Your Move to or From Brisbane

Backloading, quite simply is the process of sharing a truck or container with another person or people in the interests of efficiency and making a decent saving. The alternative is what you may have come to expect of a local move where the truck, and the removalists are dedicated to your move only. This is still a widely utilised option for many people whom choose to spend just a little bit extra for the extra convenience and benefits you can get from a dedicated truck.

A few of these benefits include:
Increased flexibility or tailoring around your specific move
Less perceived risk
Increased efficiency loading and unloading as well as time between
Less chance of delays in uplift at origin or receiving your goods at your destination (this has been known to be a problem in other backloading specialists)

As stated above, the AIR network have an abundance of resources servicing Brisbane as it not only is the starting point for the more common southern backloading runs, but also acts as a central point connecting the larger Australian populations of Sydney and Melbourne with North and Far North Queensland.

But won’t my house fill a truck by itself? This is a common question, however it’s extremely unlikely any single person’s possessions, even for a large family home, will fill a interstate semi-trailer. A general rule of thumb is that a large 4 bedroom home will only fill up to a third of a semi-trailer leaving room for another two or more smaller moves.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Or From Brisbane

Here’s where some unaware shoppers can start to step a little too close to the fire.

Of Course, we all want to know how much something is going to cost us, or what kind of investment we need to make to get the outcome we desire. Consider this; you know that there are many less-than-reputable movers who prey upon this natural curiosity and that is likely to be the case today, especially online.

This is a matter of accuracy vs laziness vs movers telling people what they want to hear to make a sale. the AIR network has never provided instant online quotes because they are either not accurate, or not competitive. Spend just a little time today – now – and spare a little patience to await a verbal quote from a qualified and friendly moving expert over the phone. In doing so you will remove the risk that many people fall victim to thru carelessness and impatience.

To satisfy a little curiosity, on average, an interstate relocation between the main cities can typically range from $600 – $2500 and can easily stretch to thousands above that for large homes with more complexity and added services. But broadly, 8 out of 10 interstate moves fall between this range from a backloading perspective.

All Charges Are Based On Volume and Distance

Interstate removalists charge based on volume and distance. Volume is how many cubic meters of furniture and effects you have. To help you with that, a cubic meter is a standard size single door fridge, a half a cubic meter is a standard washing machine, a bedside table is typically .15 of a cubic meter.

Once we know how many cubic meters you have using our Quoting Calculator, we then run a calculation for the distance between cities you are travelling and also factor in little things like access to properties, do you have a steep driveway, stairs, are you moving into an apartment block or is it flat straight into an easily accessible house. Then time in advance can come into it too. Are you moving in peak season and how soon in advance of your move are you enquiring. All of these factors play a role in the final quote.

This is why is critical you are willing to speak with a qualified moving expert to ensure your quote is accurate and can be relied upon.

Our Removalists Schedules Can Impact Moving Cost

As mentioned above, most removalists will charge more based on how full their trucks become at any given stage of putting together a backload or even scheduling out their fleet for dedicated loads. Similar to an Airline, Qantas, Virgin and other reputable brands, they can increase their prices on the likelihood of booking out. This is why it is important you give enough time to this process of booking a removalist.

Brisbane, like the other few large population cities, we have many backloading trucks running in and out weekly. Because of this it is likely we will be able to service your move on your date at a competitive rate you will like. If you are moving to or from Brisbane from an origin or destination that is a smaller town or city, this is when the flexibility decreases and the price efficiency normally decreases too.

According to research, 164 000 people migrated in and out of Queensland in the 14-15 year, the larger percentage of which came in and out of Brisbane whether by truck or rail container.

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Move to or From Brisbane

Moving is not stressful. People make it this way. It is a big time in anyone’s life, particularly moving interstate, however it can be approached with grace and confidence if only the due dilligence and preparation is done prior. Another factor is having proper expectations. the AIR network is not the cheapest company nor will it ever be, but we have positioned ourself nicely to balance quality resources and service with a competitive, acceptable, and practical pricing model.

Our focus is on the details and ticking all the major boxes prior to booking and ensuring communication is strong through all steps of the move. If we do this, and guide you thru the process, you will develop the trust and certainty you need to be free of the stress most people believe is inevitable wtih moving.

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