Interstate Moving Checklist Part 1: De-clutter Your Home and Save!

This is the first in a series of blog posts that make up our Ultimate Step-by-step Guide to Interstate Moving. In this guide you will learn:

– How to make money de-cluttering- How to maximise your bond return or sale price of your home- How to pack boxes like a professional interstate removalist- Who to notify your moving and what to collect: A complete list- Easy ways to avoid ALL of the common & costly mistakes of moving- Much much more….

A lot of furniture removals expertise has created this guide,  so use it well!

Your Interstate Moving Budget

Consider your budget for your move. How much are you willing to spend, how much time and effort are you willing to put in yourself? If you’re taking time off work, that’s a cost too.

Look at the big picture. Have you considered every room in your house? Storage areas, shed, carport and what’s outside? Evaluate what’s really involved in your interstate move, remembering that every item needs to be relocated to your new home.

Create a moving budget template in Microsoft Word or Excel to help you visualise the costs.

Consider expenses like:

– Extra rent and bond at your new home or extra mortgage payments, stamp duty and other fee’s- Truck hire, bond and fuel costs if you’re thinking of moving it yourself- Outstanding bills (some may need to be paid before you can change address)- Repairs or alterations to your new home or current home- Packing materials- Trolleys, ropes, pads and other moving materials- Cleaning costs including yard and pool

How to decide if your furniture will hit in your new home

Consider the size and layout of your new home. Is it bigger or smaller? If it’s smaller, how will everything fit? Does it have built-in wardrobes and ample cupboard and storage space? If not, where will all of your nic nacs go?

An easy way to get an understanding of how much room you have is to get a plan/layout of your new home, cut out pieces of paper to represent your major furniture items, and rearrange them until you are happy with how it all fits. If it doesn’t all fit, you may need to get rid of some of it or we can help with any storage requirements you may need.

If you don’t need it, don’t pay to move it!

A well-timed and implemented de-cluttering and selling strategy will significantly reduce interstate moving costs and give you added cash to modernise your furniture in your new home.

Here are some ideas on what you can remove from your move:

Give it to a good cause.

If an item doesn’t sell, donate it to a good cause; you may even get a tax deduction.

Find your closest donation centres:

St Vincent De Paul

Salvation Army

Be sure to check out part 2 of our interstate moving checklist on how and where to sell your unwanted goods for interstate removals

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 2:How and Where to Sell Your Unwanted Goods

Options, options.

Hold a garage sale or sell items online or in newspapers, many of which are free to you

Here’s some great advice on how to hold a successful garage sale:

– Date and time. 7am-8am Saturday mornings is the optimum time for a garage sale. Do it soon so you don’t run yourself out of time, 2-4 weeks is best, the more the better.– Is there enough stuff? If not, ask your neighbours and friends to sell some of their goods too. The bigger the garage sale the more people will come and you can share the advertising costs.– Advertise with a catchy slogan like ‘Moving Sale – Everything Must Go!’ Let people know there will be bargains to be had and provide proof why.  A seller’s desperation becomes a buyer’s motivation to investigate for bargains.– Bait and wait. Use high value key items like whitegoods, collector’s items, power tools and IT equipment to lure people to your garage sale. Even if you don’t get the price you’re looking for, you can then sell them singularly later on Gumtree, Trading Post or eBay, eBay is particularly effective when moving from Melbourne.– Be a good host. Supply water, coffee and tea for your shoppers. If they hang around for a drink they are far more likely to buy something. Keep some cheap rope on hand for buyers that forget to bring their own so they can’t use that as an excuse not to buy.– Do your research. How much are others are selling similar items for? Be realistic because you want to sell, not waste time and get stuck with things you don’t want to move. Keep in mind that by selling items you are saving on your interstate moving costs as well which may help you modernise your furniture for next to nothing.– Don’t rely on good weather. Have an undercover area to use as a backup.– Make up flyers. Put them on the local shop pin-up board, next to ATMs, anywhere where people congregate. Try these online garage sale flyer templates.

Moving Interstate with less will save you money!

Advertising Platforms

Well-placed advertising is crucial to a successful sale. We’ve provided a summary of the best options. recommends you use all four of these advertising options – they are sure to significantly increase interest in your sales for minimal investment.

Spend enough time on your ads to make them appealing. Get good photos and write compelling words to create a buzz about your garage sale. And remember, if you are spending $70 on advertising, make sure you have at least $150 worth of goods to sell in case everything doesn’t go. You want to at least make your advertising budget back.

Gumtree (Free – $10). Gumtree has tens of thousands of visitors each week and provides terrific value. A basic ad includes unlimited text room and up to four image uploads, and doesn’t cost a thing. You can also promote your ad at various rates up to $10. Advertise your garage sale or items individually.

Trading Post (Free). You can advertise a garage sale on Trading Post with up to 9 photos and as much text as you like. Single items under $500 are also free to advertise.

The Big Newspapers (approximately $35). The newspaper classifieds cost a bit more, but tapping into the state’s highest circulating newspaper has its advantages. Costs are approximately $9 p/line on weekends and $7 p/line weekdays depending on which state you are in, these prices are based on Melbourne – approximately 23-27 characters fit on one lineSo a small ad like ‘Garage Sale This weekend. Everything must sell!’ contains 47 characters and takes up two lines. You must include a suburb, address, time and some of the key items for sale. Predesign your ad using this online character counter. We don’t recommend using the online news classifieds, which is significantly more expensive.

The Local Papers (approximately $15 – $30). It makes sense to limit your advertisement to the local paper in your area. But if you’re really keen, you could try a neighbouring areas paper too.

If your soaking this all it, we recommend you check out part 3 of the interstate moving checklist, it covers:

If you missed it, you may like to read part 1 of our interstate moving checklist on how to declutter and save for your interstate removal.

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 3: Utilities, Bond and Survival Kit

How to Disconnect and Connect Your Utilities Easily!

If you know your moving date, it’s time to change over your gas, electricity, phone, internet, Foxtel or Austar, and any other services you have delivered to your home.

On The Move will connect your utilities for you, so you can focus on your interstate removal. The service is FREE and they can even negotiate a better rate on some services, we highly recommend their service.

Maximising Your Bond Return

Are you breaking a lease? You must notify your landlord of your moving date if you are breaking a lease. The State Government residential tenancies website has all of the forms you will need. Alternatively you can call the Tenancies Tribunal on 13 18 82 for advice.

If your lease is ending and you know your actual moving date, give us a call or fill out a quote. Once we have it, we will send your ‘Day Before You Move’ information in a timely manner. This email is packed with your vital last minute checks and preparations you need to have for a stress free interstate move.

Make a list of repairs. Obtain a copy of your Property Conditions Report from your land agent or landlord and check it against the current condition of the property. The types of repairs that will come out of your bond are scratches and dents on walls, damaged draws and cupboards, run down lawns and gardens, blown light globes, and stained or torn carpets.

Start arranging repairs. The Yellow Pages is a tried and true method to find the repairers you need. Alternatively, Google what you’re looking for.

Maximising the Sale Price of Your Home!

We don’t claim to be able to give you the sort of advice a reputable real estate agent could, so we recommend you make a few calls and see who gives you the best answers. One thing we do recommend to ask about is home staging or property presentation, if done correctly home staging can drastically increase the sale price of your home and how quickly you sell.  A property stylist will help you determine what in the house needs to stay and what can be packed now before the marketing campaign starts. This means when you do sell, there is less to sort and pack when there is increased pressure to get out of the house prior to settlement

Your Survival Kit for Moving Interstate

Don’t be alarmed, you’re not in danger. A Survival Kit is just the nick-name we give your ‘close me last, open me first box’.  You fill it with all the specific items you’re going to need while the rest of your house is packed up.

Your Survival Kit is a large tea chest box you should pack over the coming days and weeks and should include the following:

If you missed it, we recommend you check out part 2 of the interstate moving checklist, it covers:

Be sure to read the part 4 of the interstate moving checklist for a complete list of who to notify your moving interstate and what to collect.

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts from the start.

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 4: Who to Notify & What to Collect

Letting everyone know your new address is one of the most important parts of moving. You don’t want to spend months cleaning up the mess from missing mail.

You can redirect your mail by lodging an application at your local post office, or you can lodge online.

Our contact list is very thorough, so take the time to go through it carefully. Also, spend some time over the following days thinking and noting down anyone particular to your situation that may not be on the list.

Where applicable, ask these companies and institutions for referrals to branches or offices in your new area, it may save you a lot time.

Interstate removals can be painful if you forget these!

Notify and collect your records from…moving checklist

Once you have notified everyone you need to, you are well on your way to a stress-free, successful move. Well done and congratulations! We make a great team!

If you missed it, we recommend you check out part 3 of the interstate moving checklist, it covers:

or keep going and Check out part 5 of the checklist of the moving checklist which covers

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts.

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 5: More Great Tips

No one wants it. What to do with items that aren’t sell-able or donatable.

Consider Eating Your Pantry Soon. Not literally, we suggest consider using up your perishables in your pantry, fridge and freezer. Eat things like your canned foods, pasta’s and rices, bottled drinks and anything else you can finish before you move. Do the same with your frozen meat and vegies, if you don’t this will all be thrown away on moving day.

Your Accommodation and Transport. You can arrange your own transport and accommodation needs for your move. If you didn’t know, we can arrange your accommodation and car transport too.

Kids. Moving can present many dangers to children, particularly heavy items such as fridges and couches.  To be on the safe side, we recommend arranging a friend or family to mind your kids for the day, leaving you and us free to concentrate on finishing the job as safely and efficiently as possible.

Pets. Now is the time to arrange transport for Puss and Rover. Some people are able to move their pets in their own car. We recommend you get a cage for cats as they are hard to contain and if they escape on moving day they will take off. Guess what… we can arrange pet transport for you too!

Time to book us as your Interstate Removalists

Keep in mind, we generally book out a week in advance; so now is time to secure your truck and ensure you align yourself with the best interstate removalists in Australia, get yourself an online quote or call  1300 221 314.

Start Packing & Give yourself enough time.

A safe goal is to have 50 per cent of your house and shed packed a week before your M-Day. This gives you the last week to pack the rest.

Start packing some non-essentials like books, laundry cupboards, photo frames, storage areas and shed paraphernalia.

Remember, if packing your own boxes seems overwhelming, don’t worry, we can provide professional packing service for you and it can work out cheaper than you might think.

Put aside a box or bag with a few screw drivers, allen keys, hammer, short and long nose pliers and some screws nails. This box will be saved for when are ready to start dismantling items.

Flammables and combustibles. 

Don’t pack the following items as we cannot legally move them. This includes

Insurance companies won’t cover fire or explosions caused by these products.

Boxes and Packing Materials

Don’t be tempted to use “FREE” boxes. They will just cost you more by making loading and unloading take longer and are less safe. Plastic tubs are expensive and often break when stacked, nothing is better than new professional moving cartons and we thoroughly recommend you use these for an interstate removal.

Ask a friendly salesman if he can do you a deal on your boxes, sometimes we run great specials!

If you missed it, check out part 4 of our interstate moving checklist to get an entire list of businesses and institutions to notify your moving

If you breezing through this stuff, move on to part 6 of the checklist, it covers:

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts.

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 6: Insurance, Keys and Cleaning

Moving Insurance

Some home contents insurance policies cover damage when you are moving, don’t be alarmed if you policy doesn’t cover this as many will only charge a small fee to add this service for your interstate move. If this is not an option for you, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote on your moving insurance, we have a custom build policy exclusive to our customers which is of the highest quality and value for money.

Interstate moving insurance is based on the replacement value of your goods, similar to any home contents policy, the other factor is the distance being travelled. So before you make any calls about your insurance, decide on the amount you want to insure for and mark down any items of significant value the insurance company might ask about.

Apartment Living is Not Necessarily a Removalists Nightmare!

Moving in or out of an apartment can be a real challenge at times, and usually takes longer than a standard house. Us interstate removalists have no issue with executing the most challenging apartment and unit moves provided we know about it. So tell us. There is nothing worse than arriving at a job, half prepared for a challenging load or unload. We may need to arrange more removalists for your job, special 4 wheel removalists dolly’s, extra padding for elevators and stairwells, specially trained removalists with strapping capabilities etc.

If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to arrange:

If you are using us, we can arrange most of this for you free of charge!

Keys Handover

There are certain requirements that must be met before you hand back your keys. If they aren’t, it will just add to the cost and stress of your move and could leave you exposed to litigation by the new owners, I could also affect your bond return if you are renting. Ensure you:

When people move themselves, they often don’t have the premises ready to hand over when the lease ends. Be aware that you are liable for any rents and even the new occupants removalist costs while they wait for you, I personally have seen this on moves I performed, it adds unnecessary stress, discomfort and madness on a day where things should be calm and happy.

If you make sure you understand the date and time your keys need to be handed back and follow the rest of our recommendations thoroughly, you can avoid this nasty situation.

Exit Cleaning (The Moving Industry Term)

If new occupants are moving into your house on the same day you vacate it, we recommend two options:

Carpet Cleaning

It is important to judge how long it is going to take to empty the house of your items, and then arrange the carpet cleaners to arrive at that time. Some carpet cleaners may agree to clean room by room as you leave, eg we completely empty bedroom one first; then the cleaners clean bedroom one. Most carpet cleaners prefer to have an empty house and are typically more difficult to work around than general house cleaners.

To wipe these problems from your interstate relocation, we can arrange the carpet and general cleaners for you.

Not Too Late to Save Time and Stress on Your Upcoming Move

It’s not too late to arrange us to help with your move, we have a custom built system to cater for last minute moves. Here’s why you will save time and money with Australia’s leading interstate furniture removals company.

We have multiple options to deliver your goods, we can relocate you via rail or road, container or truck. We have built a network of moving infrastructure that enables us to have multiple trucks in every capital city in Australia every week, and most smaller cities, try us.

You have the power to choose what day you move, choose how your goods travel, choose how much you spend and most importantly the quality of the service you receive by choosing us.

If you are like many of our customers, you‘re looking to save money where you can, but still expect your goods to be treated with care, respect and an expert removalists touch.

The first few parts of this checklist should have helped you cull stuff you don’t need and make money in the process. Here is a link to part 1 of the interstate moving checklist if you have missed it, follow the footer links to go through the rest of the parts, its excellent advise!

Check out part 5 of the checklist of the moving checklist which covers

or if you are lapping this info up, move on to part 7 of the checklist which covers

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 7: Data, Dissembling and Happy Removalists

Almost Moving Day (within a few days)


If you are want to know how to avoid a stressful interstate relocation, read all of this and the other parts of our interstate moving checklist!

Finalise your packing. If you don’t absolutely need it pack it. Don’t leave it all to the day before your move as it could take longer than you think, at this point you should know your final box count. Let us know if there is any adjustment to your original list to avoid any stressful, last minute price adjustments.

Disassemble. Start disassembling what you can with the tools we suggested you set aside in part 5 of the interstate moving checklist. Typical items include kids play equipment, beds that aren’t being used, trampolines and large desks. If you own IKEA furniture, pull it apart! It doesn’t travel well no matter how good your interstate removalists are because of what lies beneath the veneer.

Back up your hard drive. Back up your data before packing your computer, potentially the best interstate moving tip you will ever get.

Are your gardens tidy? Give your lawn one last mow and snip the edges. Trim the bushes and blow or sweep the paths. What about weeding? Everyone’s favourite past time, its got to be done to ensure a full bond return or happy new owners. Empty your lawn mower, whipper snipper, blower and any other items of fuel as they may void your insurance as mentioned in part 5 of the moving checklist.

Handy tip. You’ll have less weight and far less mess for the move if you avoid watering your plants and move them under cover if rain is forecast, also wet pots leak and that water will run across the floor of the truck wetting other precious items. They are really hard on us removalists too!

If you have ever heard the saying “happy wife happy life”. Consider that “happy movers work smoother”.

Cash and Jewellery. Pack your cash, jewellery and any other small items of significant value in a box that you take with you on moving day.

Last minute confirmations:

Have you booked us yet? This may be your last chance to take advantage of our reliable staff, trusted reputation and 13 years’ experience in the moving industry.

We can usually accommodate last minute bookings, so if you are still in two minds we urge you to act now, avoid the hassles and make the call (08) 8358 0212.

Checklist: What you have achieved so far

Print this page and cross off what you have achieved.

1. Sending off the break lease forms or sale contracts and followed up on progress

2. Repairing damage caused during your tenancy or ownership

3. Arranging timely hand over the keys and timing your truck and cleaners

If you have checked off everything that applies to your move, congratulations, you are well positioned to have a stress free and successful move!

You have done a great job and we make a great team. The rest is pretty simple from here on out.

If you missed it, we thoroughly recommend you check out  part 6 of the checklist, it covers:

Now check out the final crucial part of this series that covers the day before moving and moving day, part 8 of the interstate moving checklist includes:

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts.

Interstate Moving Checklist Part 8 (Final):Day Before and Moving Day

Don’t stress, if you have followed our steps you are very well positioned to enjoy a very cost efficient and successful interstate move.

Catch your cats. If you don’t catch them today, they’re likely to work out very early tomorrow what’s going on and take off. Cats are very inquisitive and intuitive and work out something’s  a miss very quickly when moving, you may enjoy reading a little story of a cat named princess that got a little too inquisitive during an interstate move.

Fridge/freezer. You will need to empty your fridge and freezer!

Finish your packing by tonight. You should only have three open top boxes before you go to bed:

Empty boxes ready to go. Have last minute empty boxes ready to pack in the morning:

Check the house.

The BIG Day! Moving Interstate Today

Todays checklist!

  1. Enjoy a solid breakfast and tea or coffee if you drink it
  2. Pack your last boxes
  3. Remove cars from the driveway so the interstate moving truck can get in
  4. Wait for our removalists to arrive

Once we arrive, have a chat to the guys and ask any questions you may have. We highly recommend running them through the house and showing them whats not going if anything and pointing out any items of concern you may have. Eg a box of fragile glassware.

How else can you make your move more efficient for the removalists?

We love compliments. Complement our employees for their hard work, their skills and anything you believe is beyond the call of duty. Your compliments will not go unnoticed and you’ll find they work harder and also makes for better communication between you and our removalists.

Ever played Tetris? Packing a truck is very much like the game of Tetris to us interstate furniture removalists. We see shapes when we walk through you house and look at your furniture. We choose random items as we load the truck as we need them and never work from one end of your house to the other, so keep walk ways uncluttered and all furniture items as accessible as possible.

Final Check. Once the house is empty, do a lap of it yourself and thoroughly check that nothing has been missed or accidentally loaded.

Arrival at the New House. Once we have arrived and started unloading the truck or container, check every item as its unloaded to make sure you are satisfied it has arrived in the same condition that it left.

Feedback. We cannot improve if you don’t tell us how we went, we aspire to be the best and take criticism and suggestions seriously.  If you liked our service, please share it on our Facebook page by clicking the ‘Like’ button or write us an email or even better, take the time to reward us with a handwritten letter.

We hope this guide has made your interstate move as easy and stress free as possible, and we hope you will use it again next time you move.

If you missed our previous part 7 of our interstate moving checklist, you may like to read that too as it covers data back-up, last minute essential confirmations and a complete summary of the entire moving checklist.

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts.

Posted by: Corey Smith