Don’t stress, if you have followed our steps you are very well positioned to enjoy a very cost efficient and successful interstate move.

Catch your cats. If you don’t catch them today, they’re likely to work out very early tomorrow what’s going on and take off. Cats are very inquisitive and intuitive and work out something’s  a miss very quickly when moving, you may enjoy reading a little story of a cat named princess that got a little too inquisitive during an interstate move.

Fridge/freezer. You will need to empty your fridge and freezer!

Finish your packing by tonight. You should only have three open top boxes before you go to bed:

Empty boxes ready to go. Have last minute empty boxes ready to pack in the morning:

Check the house.

The BIG Day! Moving Interstate Today

Todays checklist!

  1. Enjoy a solid breakfast and tea or coffee if you drink it
  2. Pack your last boxes
  3. Remove cars from the driveway so the interstate moving truck can get in
  4. Wait for our removalists to arrive

Once we arrive, have a chat to the guys and ask any questions you may have. We highly recommend running them through the house and showing them whats not going if anything and pointing out any items of concern you may have. Eg a box of fragile glassware.

How else can you make your move more efficient for the removalists?

We love compliments. Complement our employees for their hard work, their skills and anything you believe is beyond the call of duty. Your compliments will not go unnoticed and you’ll find they work harder and also makes for better communication between you and our removalists.

Ever played Tetris? Packing a truck is very much like the game of Tetris to us interstate furniture removalists. We see shapes when we walk through you house and look at your furniture. We choose random items as we load the truck as we need them and never work from one end of your house to the other, so keep walk ways uncluttered and all furniture items as accessible as possible.

Final Check. Once the house is empty, do a lap of it yourself and thoroughly check that nothing has been missed or accidentally loaded.

Arrival at the New House. Once we have arrived and started unloading the truck or container, check every item as its unloaded to make sure you are satisfied it has arrived in the same condition that it left.

Feedback. We cannot improve if you don’t tell us how we went, we aspire to be the best and take criticism and suggestions seriously.  If you liked our service, please share it on our Facebook page by clicking the ‘Like’ button or write us an email or even better, take the time to reward us with a handwritten letter.

We hope this guide has made your interstate move as easy and stress free as possible, and we hope you will use it again next time you move.

If you missed our previous part 7 of our interstate moving checklist, you may like to read that too as it covers data back-up, last minute essential confirmations and a complete summary of the entire moving checklist.

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Posted by: Corey Smith