Almost Moving Day (within a few days)


If you are want to know how to avoid a stressful interstate relocation, read all of this and the other parts of our interstate moving checklist!

Finalise your packing. If you don’t absolutely need it pack it. Don’t leave it all to the day before your move as it could take longer than you think, at this point you should know your final box count. Let us know if there is any adjustment to your original list to avoid any stressful, last minute price adjustments.

Disassemble. Start disassembling what you can with the tools we suggested you set aside in part 5 of the interstate moving checklist. Typical items include kids play equipment, beds that aren’t being used, trampolines and large desks. If you own IKEA furniture, pull it apart! It doesn’t travel well no matter how good your interstate removalists are because of what lies beneath the veneer.

Back up your hard drive. Back up your data before packing your computer, potentially the best interstate moving tip you will ever get.

Are your gardens tidy? Give your lawn one last mow and snip the edges. Trim the bushes and blow or sweep the paths. What about weeding? Everyone’s favourite past time, its got to be done to ensure a full bond return or happy new owners. Empty your lawn mower, whipper snipper, blower and any other items of fuel as they may void your insurance as mentioned in part 5 of the moving checklist.

Handy tip. You’ll have less weight and far less mess for the move if you avoid watering your plants and move them under cover if rain is forecast, also wet pots leak and that water will run across the floor of the truck wetting other precious items. They are really hard on us removalists too!

If you have ever heard the saying “happy wife happy life”. Consider that “happy movers work smoother”.

Cash and Jewellery. Pack your cash, jewellery and any other small items of significant value in a box that you take with you on moving day.

Last minute confirmations:

Have you booked us yet? This may be your last chance to take advantage of our reliable staff, trusted reputation and 13 years’ experience in the moving industry.

We can usually accommodate last minute bookings, so if you are still in two minds we urge you to act now, avoid the hassles and make the call (08) 8358 0212.

Checklist: What you have achieved so far

Print this page and cross off what you have achieved.

1. Sending off the break lease forms or sale contracts and followed up on progress

2. Repairing damage caused during your tenancy or ownership

3. Arranging timely hand over the keys and timing your truck and cleaners

If you have checked off everything that applies to your move, congratulations, you are well positioned to have a stress free and successful move!

You have done a great job and we make a great team. The rest is pretty simple from here on out.

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Posted by: Corey Smith