Moving Insurance

Some home contents insurance policies cover damage when you are moving, don’t be alarmed if you policy doesn’t cover this as many will only charge a small fee to add this service for your interstate move. If this is not an option for you, don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote on your moving insurance, we have a custom build policy exclusive to our customers which is of the highest quality and value for money.

Interstate moving insurance is based on the replacement value of your goods, similar to any home contents policy, the other factor is the distance being travelled. So before you make any calls about your insurance, decide on the amount you want to insure for and mark down any items of significant value the insurance company might ask about.

Apartment Living is Not Necessarily a Removalists Nightmare!

Moving in or out of an apartment can be a real challenge at times, and usually takes longer than a standard house. Us interstate removalists have no issue with executing the most challenging apartment and unit moves provided we know about it. So tell us. There is nothing worse than arriving at a job, half prepared for a challenging load or unload. We may need to arrange more removalists for your job, special 4 wheel removalists dolly’s, extra padding for elevators and stairwells, specially trained removalists with strapping capabilities etc.

If you live in an apartment, you’ll need to arrange:

If you are using us, we can arrange most of this for you free of charge!

Keys Handover

There are certain requirements that must be met before you hand back your keys. If they aren’t, it will just add to the cost and stress of your move and could leave you exposed to litigation by the new owners, I could also affect your bond return if you are renting. Ensure you:

When people move themselves, they often don’t have the premises ready to hand over when the lease ends. Be aware that you are liable for any rents and even the new occupants removalist costs while they wait for you, I personally have seen this on moves I performed, it adds unnecessary stress, discomfort and madness on a day where things should be calm and happy.

If you make sure you understand the date and time your keys need to be handed back and follow the rest of our recommendations thoroughly, you can avoid this nasty situation.

Exit Cleaning (The Moving Industry Term)

If new occupants are moving into your house on the same day you vacate it, we recommend two options:

Carpet Cleaning

It is important to judge how long it is going to take to empty the house of your items, and then arrange the carpet cleaners to arrive at that time. Some carpet cleaners may agree to clean room by room as you leave, eg we completely empty bedroom one first; then the cleaners clean bedroom one. Most carpet cleaners prefer to have an empty house and are typically more difficult to work around than general house cleaners.

To wipe these problems from your interstate relocation, we can arrange the carpet and general cleaners for you.

Not Too Late to Save Time and Stress on Your Upcoming Move

It’s not too late to arrange us to help with your move, we have a custom built system to cater for last minute moves. Here’s why you will save time and money with Australia’s leading interstate furniture removals company.

We have multiple options to deliver your goods, we can relocate you via rail or road, container or truck. We have built a network of moving infrastructure that enables us to have multiple trucks in every capital city in Australia every week, and most smaller cities, try us.

You have the power to choose what day you move, choose how your goods travel, choose how much you spend and most importantly the quality of the service you receive by choosing us.

If you are like many of our customers, you‘re looking to save money where you can, but still expect your goods to be treated with care, respect and an expert removalists touch.

The first few parts of this checklist should have helped you cull stuff you don’t need and make money in the process. Here is a link to part 1 of the interstate moving checklist if you have missed it, follow the footer links to go through the rest of the parts, its excellent advise!

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Posted by: Corey Smith