How to Disconnect and Connect Your Utilities Easily!

If you know your moving date, it’s time to change over your gas, electricity, phone, internet, Foxtel or Austar, and any other services you have delivered to your home.

On The Move will connect your utilities for you, so you can focus on your interstate removal. The service is FREE and they can even negotiate a better rate on some services, we highly recommend their service.

Maximising Your Bond Return

Are you breaking a lease? You must notify your landlord of your moving date if you are breaking a lease. The State Government residential tenancies website has all of the forms you will need. Alternatively you can call the Tenancies Tribunal on 13 18 82 for advice.

If your lease is ending and you know your actual moving date, give us a call or fill out a quote. Once we have it, we will send your ‘Day Before You Move’ information in a timely manner. This email is packed with your vital last minute checks and preparations you need to have for a stress free interstate move.

Make a list of repairs. Obtain a copy of your Property Conditions Report from your land agent or landlord and check it against the current condition of the property. The types of repairs that will come out of your bond are scratches and dents on walls, damaged draws and cupboards, run down lawns and gardens, blown light globes, and stained or torn carpets.

Start arranging repairs. The Yellow Pages is a tried and true method to find the repairers you need. Alternatively, Google what you’re looking for.

Maximising the Sale Price of Your Home!

We don’t claim to be able to give you the sort of advice a reputable real estate agent could, so we recommend you make a few calls and see who gives you the best answers. One thing we do recommend to ask about is home staging or property presentation, if done correctly home staging can drastically increase the sale price of your home and how quickly you sell.  A property stylist will help you determine what in the house needs to stay and what can be packed now before the marketing campaign starts. This means when you do sell, there is less to sort and pack when there is increased pressure to get out of the house prior to settlement

Your Survival Kit for Moving Interstate

Don’t be alarmed, you’re not in danger. A Survival Kit is just the nick-name we give your ‘close me last, open me first box’.  You fill it with all the specific items you’re going to need while the rest of your house is packed up.

Your Survival Kit is a large tea chest box you should pack over the coming days and weeks and should include the following:

If you missed it, we recommend you check out part 2 of the interstate moving checklist, it covers:

Be sure to read the part 4 of the interstate moving checklist for a complete list of who to notify your moving interstate and what to collect.

Alternatively, you may like to start at part 1 of the interstate moving checklist and work through all 8 parts from the start.

Posted by: Corey Smith