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Hold a garage sale or sell items online or in newspapers, many of which are free to you

Here’s some great advice on how to hold a successful garage sale:

– Date and time. 7am-8am Saturday mornings is the optimum time for a garage sale. Do it soon so you don’t run yourself out of time, 2-4 weeks is best, the more the better.
– Is there enough stuff? If not, ask your neighbours and friends to sell some of their goods too. The bigger the garage sale the more people will come and you can share the advertising costs.
– Advertise with a catchy slogan like ‘Moving Sale – Everything Must Go!’ Let people know there will be bargains to be had and provide proof why.  A seller’s desperation becomes a buyer’s motivation to investigate for bargains.
– Bait and wait. Use high value key items like whitegoods, collector’s items, power tools and IT equipment to lure people to your garage sale. Even if you don’t get the price you’re looking for, you can then sell them singularly later on Gumtree, Trading Post or eBay, eBay is particularly effective when moving from Melbourne.
– Be a good host. Supply water, coffee and tea for your shoppers. If they hang around for a drink they are far more likely to buy something. Keep some cheap rope on hand for buyers that forget to bring their own so they can’t use that as an excuse not to buy.
– Do your research. How much are others are selling similar items for? Be realistic because you want to sell, not waste time and get stuck with things you don’t want to move. Keep in mind that by selling items you are saving on your interstate moving costs as well which may help you modernise your furniture for next to nothing.
– Don’t rely on good weather. Have an undercover area to use as a backup.
– Make up flyers. Put them on the local shop pin-up board, next to ATMs, anywhere where people congregate. Try these online garage sale flyer templates.

Moving Interstate with less will save you money!

Advertising Platforms

Well-placed advertising is crucial to a successful sale. We’ve provided a summary of the best options. www.interstateremovalists.com.au recommends you use all four of these advertising options – they are sure to significantly increase interest in your sales for minimal investment.

Spend enough time on your ads to make them appealing. Get good photos and write compelling words to create a buzz about your garage sale. And remember, if you are spending $70 on advertising, make sure you have at least $150 worth of goods to sell in case everything doesn’t go. You want to at least make your advertising budget back.

Gumtree (Free – $10). Gumtree has tens of thousands of visitors each week and provides terrific value. A basic ad includes unlimited text room and up to four image uploads, and doesn’t cost a thing. You can also promote your ad at various rates up to $10. Advertise your garage sale or items individually.

Trading Post (Free). You can advertise a garage sale on Trading Post with up to 9 photos and as much text as you like. Single items under $500 are also free to advertise.

The Big Newspapers (approximately $35). The newspaper classifieds cost a bit more, but tapping into the state’s highest circulating newspaper has its advantages. Costs are approximately $9 p/line on weekends and $7 p/line weekdays depending on which state you are in, these prices are based on Melbourne – approximately 23-27 characters fit on one lineSo a small ad like ‘Garage Sale This weekend. Everything must sell!’ contains 47 characters and takes up two lines. You must include a suburb, address, time and some of the key items for sale. Predesign your ad using this online character counter. We don’t recommend using the online news classifieds, which is significantly more expensive.

The Local Papers (approximately $15 – $30). It makes sense to limit your advertisement to the local paper in your area. But if you’re really keen, you could try a neighbouring areas paper too.

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Posted by: Corey Smith