It’s a question we all want to know when getting together interstate removal quotes, but answers will always vary depending on what you are after.

Most good interstate removalists will provide approximate costs depending on how much space you take up in the truck or container. It’s the size and amount of furniture you’ve got in the truck that forms the basis of your interstate removal rates.

Next, the length of your trip is analysed. A trip from Melbourne to Sydney is going to be cheaper than a trip from Melbourne to Perth. Your distance is then calculated according to the amount of space you have taken up in the truck.

The end equation:

[Amount of truck space] X [distance travelled] = interstate removal costs

As a ballpark figure, an average 3 bedroom home being relocated from Adelaide to Melbourne would cost between $2000 and $2500.

If you’re looking to find out some approximate costs for your interstate removal needs, contact the team at today. We are professional, affordable and always keep your move as simple as possible.

Posted by: Corey Smith