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Unlike our mainland counterparts, Tasmania (TAS) has a surprisingly small number of national interstate removalists servicing it regularly. All residential moves travel via ferry either by truck or container. It goes without saying it takes highly experienced interstate moving specialists to stow goods to travel over the notoriously rough waters of Bass Strait. The packing skills required to do this task properly can be taught, but is mastered only over time on the job.

Removalists that know Tasmania all too well

Tassie, otherwise known as Van Diemen’s Land is 68,000 square kms of Eucalypt forest, cool temperate rainforests and grasslands. It was the home of the thought to be extinct Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) and the cute but vicious Tasmanian Devils. If you wear a wig, make sure its on tight because Tasmania sits right in the middle of the Roaring Forties wind cycle that encircles the globe.

It could be said that removalists in Tasmania get it easier than their mainland counterparts because of the cool climate, it becomes extremely uncomfortable loading or unloading a steel container or truck in anything over 30 degrees celcius. Many removalists have commented it’s like working in an oven, and from personal experience I can vouch for that. Tasmania is clearly immune to these temperates!

Moving services we offer

We offer many different types of moving services, interstate, and intrastate. You can choose from the basic A to B relocation, which involves nothing more than uplifting your furniture and effects from your current home and delivering them to your new home, and positioning items where you choose.

We also offer moving insurance, a professional packing and or unpacking service, short and long term storage, car and pet transport, heavy items like grand pianos and pool tables and cleaning services.

Many of these services can work out less costly than you may imaging, so pick up the phone or better yet, fill out the form above and find out what prices we can offer you. Act now!

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