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Our Spiel about moving to Townville

Townsville [pron: tounz-vil] is a major North Queensland city boasting a population of almost 200 000. Situated 1300 kms north of the arteriole moving hub of Brisbane, the city is distinguished by Castle Hill that sits just east of Townsville’s CBD. It has a tropical climate but not as high rainfalls as most other tropical Queensland cities. Known for its appeal as a tourist destination Townville can make a very nice place to call home. It has a thriving economy and plenty of employment opportunities. Townsville is the only city globally to process Zinc, Copper and Nickel. It has a large military presence and the coastline is part of the magnificent world heritage Great Barrier Reef.

iMovers has a steady and consistent flow or furniture removal trucks and containers in Townsville on a weekly basis. Turnaround time for interstate removals from Sydney normally takes 5-7 days for an average three bedroom. The smaller the job, the longer it can take. We can provide storage if you cannot receive your goods within this time frame.

You’re in good hands moving to Cairns

Beautiful, humid Cairns. You are a long way from anywhere there. Approximately 2700 kms North of Brisbane, Cairns has a growing population of 153 000 people. It’s not hard to understand why more people are moving to Cairns that moving from Cairns. It’s surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, it has a warm monsoonal tropical climate, plenty of money coming into the city through tourism which creates jobs and opportunity. There is a never ending supply of things to do in Cairns, take a ride on the Skyrail at Karunda, shoot up to Pt Douglas for a lazy weekend or go snorkling pretty much anywhere.

If you like it wild, Cairns lays in the path of at least one tropical cyclone every couple of years, from category 5 Cylone Larry of 2006 to the recent category 5 Cyclone Yasi. Others include Abigail, Steve and Rona to name a few.

You can imagine Cairns is a nice place to live, and its home to many smiling iMovers removalists. Moving furniture in the humidity is not a treat but knocking off to a cold XXXX Bitter after work makes up for it. Turnaround times vary for Cairns based interstate relocations depending on the size of the job and what other city is involved. For example, you can expect a move from Melbourne to Cairns to take between 7-10 days for a full three bedroom house. iMovers are competitively positioned in the market for Cains based moves and back loading is an option if you don’t have much to transport.

If you are looking for a successful move without the stress, fill out the form above and get the ball rolling on your quote, you, and your goods are in good hands with iMovers.

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