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Big Crocodiles, Large Mosquito’s and Reputable Movers

Why choose iMovers for your interstate relocation?

We try to keep our pages short and sharp, so you can spend more time speaking with a moving consultant than reading our website. There are too many reasons to list why you should use iMovers for your move. Here are 5 really good ones:

  1. A major part of our business plan to increase our repeat and referral work by providing an excellent moving service to every iMovers customer.
  2. We are one of the hand-full of national interstate removalists who have included Darwin and greater Northern Territory as part of our moving network.
  3. Many customers say “we come highly recommended”.
  4. These days, reputable movers are few and far between.
  5. Our price point in the market is very competitive.

If this is not enough, check out our testimonials page to find out what others have said about us.

Interstate Removalists take pride in their art

If your relocating interstate to the Northern Territory (NT), you are coming from a long way away. The further your goods have to travel, the more risk there is. An experienced interstate removalist knows that some moves require more attention, more skill and more padding. Our removalists have not only been trained in this type of relocation, but they also have experience with time on the job, sending and receiving containers over many months and years.

Image just for a moment, how you stow a delicate flat screen TV into a container full of heavy lounge suites, various shaped boxes, white goods and obscure shaped shed items like shovels and tools. To take the challenge even further, the container has to be handled by a bumpy forklift at the rail yard and be put on the train. Then be relocated up to 3700 kms to Darwin from Melbourne.

When you stick your head in the back of one of our containers, you will see the game of tetris taking place, neatly wrapped furniture items, sitting square and in lines, heavy sturdy items on the bottom and lighter more fragile pieces on top and separated by softer cushioning items like wrapped up couch cushions and mattresses.

It’s a beautiful thing to witness.

If you want this kind of care taken with your goods, fill out the form above now and get started, you can expect nothing less from iMovers removalists and company reputation.

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