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What It Takes To Be Professional Interstate Removalists. Part 4

At iMovers we are firm believers in client contact which is a part of the whole customer service experience. Speaking with our client (you) is so important to reinforce that we have it all under control. It reduces the instance of under prepared and under packed jobs, it ensures that we know early if there are any changes to the move eg. An extra piece of furniture or a few pieces less which can alter the price up or down, it makes you feel at ease that you haven’t been forgotten about and that your job is just as important to us as it is to you ( it is common in our industry that jobs do get completely forgotten about or lost in the system) not with us though. If you were to choose someone else and as soon as you make the booking and pay your deposit how would it make you feel if you don’t hear from them for a month or two, from my experience it makes you feel like they salesman fooled you into thinking your move was important. We frequently book in clients in  that saw the ugly side of their removalist as soon as they made the booking, when they saw this shift in service and enthusiasm they called us….lucky….imagine what their service on moving day would have been like.

We insist that client contact is highly important to the overall service and kind of rekindles that old fashioned level of service that  that has now been squashed by companies chasing that one thing…..PROFIT.

If you want to deal with the little guy that still provides the real service you seek….call us today for a quote.

Posted by Corey Smith

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