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What It Takes To Be Professional Interstate Removalists. Part 1

Being an interstate removalist is hard work…….no one can deny that. Being a professional interstate removalist requires not only hard work but it also required intelligence, experience and training. One of the biggest problems in this industry is that any Tom, Dick or Harry can go and buy a truck and call themselves a removalist, put an ad in the yellow pages or local rag or even buy a Google Maps listing. Then make it sound like they know what they are talking about to prospective clients and provide a whole bunch of empty promises that they have no intentions or even the ability to follow through with. Then as the clincher they undercut the real professionals that have higher overheads and win the job. In this series of blogs I intend to point out what it takes to be a real professional furniture removalist. To keep things simple – our focus will be on removalist loaders, meaning the removalist that loads or packs the furniture into the truck and controls the move.

Number 1. You have to work under an experienced removalist for a minimum of a 3 months to learn most of the tricks…….what I mean by tricks is loading tricks. The difference between a bad move and a great successful move is in the loading of the truck or container. 3 Months is the minimum time needed based on my experience of the hundreds of removalists I have personally and seen others train into competent loaders. To be frank, it takes years of moving experience before you know all of the tricks but 3 months of training is enough to be competent. It is very common that our industry only trains removalists for a few weeks and then sends them out on the road to control moves by themselves and the results are damages and loads not fitting on the truck. At iMovers that is not the case, with our mother company Complete Removals being very ┬ápicky about the difference between incompetent, competent and highly skilled or professional. We send our guys out for a minimum of 3 months with professional loaders and even then they are still paired with professional offsiders with loading skills for another few months after that. Some of our employees have a decade of experience whilst most have years under their belts. See tomorrow for part 2

Posted by Corey Smith

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