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What is Backloading?

Backloading your belongings saves you $$$

Backloading is when a removalist will pack more than one job in a truck or container at the same time. If your belongings do not take up the entire truck, if we have customers in the same area we can combine the two jobs in one to save both customers money.

The second definition of backloading is when a mover does a job to one town and then loads another job in that town to bring back to the original location. Here is an example:

iMovers do a job from Adelaide to Melbourne , we have a client in Melbourne that wants to move back to Adelaide , so we use that same truck (that would be going back to Adelaide anyway!) to carry the Melbourne client’s goods. That type of job is a backload.

The alternative to backloading is direct removals. Some removal companies call them single consignments. This is where we move you goods and only your goods to a location, regardless of the space availability in our trucks.

There are advantages and disadvantages of backloading:


1. It’s cheaper. For some people the only option because of the price difference. Generally the price difference grows for smaller jobs.

2. Frequency. It’s made it possible for furniture removals companies like iMovers to set up weekly runs to places like Melbourne that we otherwise could not have making it more frequent and flexible for you.


1. It’s a slightly riskier option. We aren’t working around other jobs settlements and timing. Plus your goods will generally have to be packed tighter in a backload because the truck will be filled more often than not. You may be thinking what if my goods get mixed up with someone else’s? The answer is it can’t because of the inventory of items we use.

Be Warned – not all back loaders use inventories. If they don’t there is a very real risk your awesome flat screen TV may find a home in another person’s house. Cheaper removalists are generally the types of removalists that don’t use them and the reason is kind of a catch 22. Inventories take time and cost wages, it’s the extra wages associated with inventories that push the price up slightly.

If you are thinking of moving interstate, why not give us a call today or click for a quote and find out more about your moving options.

Posted by Corey Smith

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