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True Care is Rare

The furniture removals industry has changed over the last decade, the power between the client and the removalists of choice have shifted from the removalists getting to call the shots and holding the cards to the client having better choice and therefore holding the power, this is the same in many industries as our economy grows more competitive and changing so fast. These days you get better customer support and communication, more tailored options  for your specific move and overall made to feel more important than the olden days but one this has gone a miss, TRUE CARE of your possessions. Overheads for businesses are higher than ever thanks to our labour government which forces companies to take short cuts where it counts…..Training, making employee’s happy, equipment upgrades and so on. One thing that iMovers stands for is bringing back Old Fashioned Great Customer Service prior to winning your trust to employ us and during your move too. At the end of it all where the real professional touch comes in is when our interstate removalists show they actually and genuinely really care about your possessions like you do. This was how our service started over a decade with our founder Corey Smith and we aim to continue his winning recipe.

Posted by Corey Smith

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