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Too Expensive, a Tip for Business Owners

When providing a quote, it is imperative to remain respectful, polite and friendly no matter the client says. He’s one example why.

Last week, Glenn our interstate sales person provided a quote for a lady who was relocating from Adelaide to Tasmania. Shortly after she was given the quote she called Glenn to say “Thanks but no thanks, that’s way too expensive”. Glenn was polite and said that was the best he could do and if she needed anything else, feel free to call him. It turns out a few days later the same lady called back and said she would like to book her relocation with us.

Glenn was curious with the sudden change of heart and asked her what happened. She said that when she had spoken to Glenn, she had not got any other quote’s except ours. After declining our quote she got a 3 more only to realise that we were far cheaper than the rest. She then went on to say that because Glenn was polite even in the face of rejection, that he and iMovers deserved her business.

Feel free to call Glenn today about your upcoming interstate relocation.

Posted by Corey Smith

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