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Timing is everything…………

I hear this saying often, it applies to many things, many different industries, many different situations and said by many people from different walks of life. Timing is absolutely  everything when it comes to moving interstate. As professional but affordable interstate removalists we have to orchestrate your job down to the minute….well maybe not minute but to the hour….which is a small window when you are talking about something as important and detailed as moving home. Timing is important because if we are 1 hour early you may still be in bed when we arrive, if we are an hour late you may get high strung and stressed thinking we are not coming, if we take an hour longer to load than we estimate then we may make no money, if our estimated time of arrival at the destination in say somewhere like Melbourne is 1 hour late then we may be unloading in the dark or have to finish the remainder the next morning, if we arrive an hour early at the destination then you may not have the keys yet. We will look at some broader reasons why timing is everything when it comes to interstate moving in our next post.

Posted by Corey Smith

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