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Timing is everything

In our last few post we have discussed how important timing is moving when dealing with interstate removalists. Here is a non related example of timing importance. Wivenhoe dam played a big role in the QLD floods. Now there is political controversy over how the government dealt with the manual forced release of water from the dam. They are saying that 80% of the water from the Brisbane River Floods was a direct result of this release. The word that keeps being used is “mismanagement” which I believe is just to point the finger at the current government for being negligent in their role. It is said that the operators held the dam’s flood compartment for too long and therefore forcing a drastic release that compounded the flood instead of mitigating it. Simplified,  if they let it go earlier suspecting that it would get to the drastic point later on would have avoided a release as big as what eventually happened. either way, who’s to blame doesn’t fix it and we need to concentrate on how Brisbane and many other just as important smaller cities and towns can be protected from this sort of thing in the future.

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Posted by Corey Smith

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