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Three ways to wrap dining chairs for removalists

Depending on the type of chair and what the chair is made of there are 3 ways to wrap them for interstate removals. If you chairs are made of a good quality fabric and nicely polished timber or delicate painted metal legs you can wrap the chairs singularly, step one is to throw out a long pad, minimum 3.6 meters long, stand the chair on its feet in the middle  of the pad. Next you fold the back half of the pad over the chair so it folds over the chair, it should cover right down over the cushion or sitting part of the chair. Then after that pull the front half of the pad over the chair but you must fold the end of the pad over a second time as you bring it over the chair back, so it doesn’t actually go right over the top of the chair back. If you have doubled over the pad correctly you will have three layers of padding covering the chair back but only 1 going over the top of it, and you will have a 2 foot tongue hanging over both sides of the chair. Then you pull the tongues around the sides of the back of the chair and tie them together with a granny knot. If this has been done correctly your chair will be completely covered with padding that has been tied up tight so it CANT fall off…..and it still is in the shape of a chair for loading purposes…whilst this takes a bit longer than the other 2 styles of wrapping it is the best way by far to protect dining chairs from damage in transit. Come tomorrow for the second way to wrap chairs.

Posted by Corey Smith

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