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the problem with most interstate removalists companies

the main problem that people moving interstate come to realise once their move is underway is that its not the same as moving locally, where you meet the guys in the morning, build a relationship with them over a few hours where your dialogue is then comfortable, you realise their skills and good intentions are there and you can communicate freely with them at the destination telling them where everything goes, ask the removalists to move it from one side of the room to another because it doesnt look right on that side or the Feng Sei is all wrong.

when you move interstate you have different guys unloading your personal belongings, and there area few real problems with this,

a. they didint load it so they have and excuse if they break something, “it must have been broken by the guys that loaded it”
b. they dont know where all the fragile glass is in the load, what that rectangle shape completely wrapped in felt padding is and if it has brittle of fragile nobs or surfaces on it. the best description is, they are trying to undo a jigsaw puzzle in the exact order it was constructed but blind folded.
c. the comapny that loaded it may not be the company that is unloading it and therefore the quality of their work doesnt matter as much because its another company who head is on the chopping block if something goes wrong.
d. alot of companies will get an experienced driver/removalist to drive your goods interstate and hire cheap, cash labour to help unload it and maximise profits and the expense of your goods

the list of issues goes on but the reason you should consider these issues is because most interstate removalists in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart and Perth experience these kinds of issues at some stage, some try to combat it and some just dont care….. we care…100% about you and the things you care about..and have taken many strong steps to ensure it goes as smoothly and as personally as a local move would. Us making you aware of these problems that are industry concealed should be proof enough that we are open and transparent about how we treat you and your belongings

Posted by Corey Smith

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