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The disarray and confusion of moving interstate!

I will be the first to admit it, you can move yourself and save yourself some considerable expenses. That is when you are moving locally. To try and move yourself interstate is another kettle of fish. Moving is a difficult process, moving without a hitch requires skill and experience. I moved myself on the weekend and even with my experience I still had some hurdles to jump. Sitting in my half set up office today is one of those times I can safely say “we are worth every penny we charge”. If we only just saved you a damage bill on your bond if your renting or complaining new owners of the old property if you sold your house we would be worth it, not to mention all of the premove instructions, the safe arrival of your furniture, the correct timing…..the inner safe feeling you get when your removalists tell you “ dont worry, we have it under control”. All of these are testament to the fact that you not only need a removalist but you need the right interstate removalist to make your move easy and hassle free…….the goal for anyone moving. Call Glen today for a quote and a chat about what he can do for you.

Posted by Corey Smith

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