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Stressfree interstate moving tips part 4

BUY PROPER REMOVAL BOXES. This one is so important I cant stress it enough, it less common that a client assumes they can use supermarket boxes or other free boxes for their interstate removal but moving locally it is very common. Non furniture removal boxes are no good for interstate removalist to handle because they are weak, odd shapes, small wich means instead of having 40 proper removal boxes you end up with 80 supermarket boxes which takes significantly longer. The other problem with smaller boxes are that things like platter plates, or large ornaments or small picture frames don’t fit in any of the boxes, this , means they become a naked singular item that needs wrapping and loading into the truck or container individually. Again another time waster. Proper furniture removals boxes cost more to buy but make you move cost less, they pay for themselves. Check out the next post for another fantastically helpful tip on stress free interstate moving.

Posted by Corey Smith

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