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Stress free interstate moving tips. Part 3

Book in our pre-packing service. Not because we make more money but because prepacking is a major source of stress to clients for the following reasons. 1. Its hard to fill a box completely and if you don’t it can be dangerous for the contents during transit. 2. Its near impossible to estimate how long its going to take you to pack every last box which forces you to panic that you wont get it all finished. And generally you don’t which ads extra unnecessary costs to the move, it is simple for one of our estimators to judge when you should start packing and we can help with this. 3. If you don’t pack your goods properly you can be left with not enough cartons to finish the job which also can ad extra costs to the move. There are many other reasons why you may get stressed packing yourself. See another great tip in tomorrows post

Posted by Corey Smith

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