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Stress free interstate moving tips. Part 1

It is documented that moving house is in the top 5 stresses you may experience in life next to divorce and family deaths. From my experience it doubles moving interstate compared to local moving because it is more complexed, there are more things riding on timing and planning. The thing about moving interstate though is it can be avoided if not greatly reduced quite simply by selecting the right removalist. The same as any industry there are many companies, even the greater majority that work hard to win your job but then,  once they have it turn their back on you and focus on the next sale. Not iMovers….we work just as hard during the move to ensure it goes as smooth as what we have promised to ensure you Are happy. The first step to greatly reducing the stress on your interstate removal is pick iMovers, not because this post says, first contact us and see what feeling you get and then make your choice. The second step is follow our instructions and ask questions, lots of questions, if you don’t raise your specific concerns we can only assume they are the same as everybody elses concerns…….and they may be completely different. Our friendly salesman are trained to listen and pinpoint areas of concern but you can greatly assist  by just asking. For example….we had a lady client last month ask how often the contents of a freezer spoil during interstate transit. If she did not ask this then she would not have realized until the day of the move that we empty all contents from the fridge and freezer prior to moving. Our salesman generally dont say this to a client about emptying a freezer because we assume it is just general knowledge or commonsense.  See our next post for another stress free interstate relocation tip.

Posted by Corey Smith

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