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So Many Removalists, How Do You Choose?

If you are moving soon and looking for an interstate removalist, you probably are starting to think exactly this.

Many of us choose the internet to get multiple quotes fast, hoping that something jumps out at us. You may even choose to pick up the phone and ring a few removalists but generally, nothing really stands out. If you are looking for a stand out removalist by getting 5 or more quotes, you generally won’t spend the time researching the companies you’ve selected.

Some interstate removalists truly care but many care about nothing, especially in Melbourne!

How can you find the best removalist company for you?

Spend a little extra time selecting prospects and ask the right questions!

Cheapest Price and Availability: A Recipe Set For Disaster

If you want to remove the risk of engaging a dodgy removalist and suffering a stressful move, kick those two reasons to the kerb and select your interstate removalist based on experience, integrity and the value they offer. Availability will come automatically if you organise your move enough in advance, one month is plenty.

The Solution

Ask them questions about

– Experience -  Not just experience of the guy on the phone but experience of the removalists that will handle your furniture, are they careful and why. Ask what the        removalists names are.
- Insurance- Ask exactly what it covers, proper insurance cost money so if it’s free, its worth more investigation.
- Recent testimonials- Ask for some from last week, ask for that persons phone number so that you can speak to them yourself. Many removalists will balk at this.
- Guarantee’s- Ask what guarantees they can provide about the quality of their removalists, ask about hidden costs and the likely hood of a last minute price change,  and lastly; ask if they will guarantee the dates they have agreed to. You will be amazed at the response you get to these questions.

All of your questions need to be open ended so you force the salesman to provide explanations instead of just “yes” and “no” answers.

How to Choose Your Removalist!

Choose based on:

- The value the company is providing you, competitively priced quality service.
- The certainty in a timely manner.
- The company that asks many questions about access to your properties.
- The company that is prompt in responding to your calls, emails and requests, if they make you wait when they are trying to win your job they will certainly make you    wait once they have won it.
- Choose the company that feels best,  that gut feeling you get about someone or something.
- Choose the company that adds that personal touch to your move.

Contracts and Booking Deposits.

Good interstate removalists take booking deposits and have contracts to sign. Time and time I get urgent calls from frantic people complaining  their removalists cancelled their move  at the last minute. They were able to do this because there was no contract, you should always enter into a contract with your interstate removalists,  if they don’t provide them, choose another!

First impressions are normally right; don’t let the feeling of a cheap price get in the way of that!

I finish with a great quote I read on the back of a bus ticket once “The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price”

If you are looking for a local furniture removalist,  here are the top 5 questions you should ask.

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Posted by Corey Smith

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