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Secrets Exposed : The Ultimate Winter Tip

As an interstate removalist I always started early in the morning so I could do as many hours in the day as possible. Words from a workaholic. It wasn’t uncommon to leave the house many mornings around 5:30 am.

In Adelaide in the dead middle of winter this normally meant I would have frost forming on my nose before I reached the car, when I reached the car like most of us I had to plead with the heavens to get my car heater warm as quickly as possible. Rubbing my hands together in a desperate attempt to avoid frost bite and gain some sort of friction based heat I would be rubbing them together so fast I could impress the average garden cricket. Then finally when the heater started to fire up I began my instant body heating ritual, I would pull my long sleeves down right over my hands and over the ends of my fingers, then carefully I would spread my fingers out as wide as possible which would open up the end of my long sleeves almost like a funnel. Then once I had a nice even edge of jumper material running around my finger tips I would cover one heater duct with each hand sealing them against the dashboard. With the heater on high this forces heat up through your jumper around your arms all the way up and straight onto your body around your chest, this is nothing short of divine when you are freezing.

Try it, you will be glad you did.

Posted by Corey Smith

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