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Rob, our customer that stuck his foot in it!

Our removalists  were doing an interstate removal in Melbourne last week and we had a client named Rob……..he was a funny typical Australian chap and didn’t seem to be phased by his interstate move. His wife on the other hand was very highly strung. After all of the support we provided leading up to the move she still just worked herself up prior to our arrival. Every Item we touched she threatened our lives if we damaged it. She had a particular attachment to a large vase that could not fit in a box as it was too big. She watched us with a magnified glass as we handled this item coaching our every move telling us that if it got damaged not only would they cop an earbashing but they would have to pay for it. The clients were diligent to take out insurance which always helps remove some pressure on the removalists part. Anyway the truck was almost full and the house in Melbourne  was empty and Rob came out to the truck in front of his wife and said “Just make sure you take care of the grog boys”. His wife turned to him and said “what about my vase, or my dinner set, or my…” and Rob just cut her off and said “so long as the grog gets there in one piece it will be ok!”. Our interstate removalist professionals did their very best to not laugh but I think Rob and the boys stuck their foot in it with her.

Posted by Corey Smith

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