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Removalists, Not Seagull’s

It’s embarrassing to admit, but iMovers removalists are not only excellent interstate removalists but they are practicing Seagull’s too. Let me explain……..

We advised one of our clients to have a garage sale to sell unwanted goods prior to her interstate furniture removal to Melbourne, besides making some quick cash she would save a significant amount of money by not relocating items interstate she no longer wanted.

The client had some trouble selling some of her goods though, so she called us and asked if we had any other suggestions to rid her of these burden items. We told her we could bring her stuff to our depot and see if anyone wanted it. It only took 15 minutes for the word to get around our trucks about the free furniture being given away. By the end of the day every item was snapped up like a dropped piece of bread at the beach.

Our client was happy and our removalists were happy. Infact the only one that wasn’t happy was our general manager who was going to make firewood out of one of the old wardrobes if it didn’t get taken. He missed out!

Posted by Corey Smith

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