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Remember to Wrap Your Glass in Paper!

I never thought that I would have to write this on a post on the internet but obviously there is a market out there that needs to read it, one of our recent clients decided to do her own pre packing into boxes. We always offer the professional pre packing service but understand that in a cost practicality sense some clients wish to do It themselves. We still  insist that we give the right our clients advice on how to pack boxes properly but this particular client assured us she had done it a number of times and knew what she was doing. The real surprise came when our interstate removalists were moving one of the boxes and noticed that dreaded jingling sound coming from it. The movers asked the client if we could open it to inspect it and when we did we saw a horrifying sight, the client had not used any paper when wrapping her coffee cups. When the client saw the box she said that she ran out of paper so just chucked the cups in there without paper hoping they would be ok. The first question we asked was how many boxes were like that and she told us approximately 5. Luckily we carry some spare materials on board so we were able to find them and repack them using paper but the moral of the story is let us help you even if it is for advice, you are bound to get some benefits out of it.

Posted by Corey Smith

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