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Profit By Screw: A Dying Trend!

So many successful people, so called business men/women and millionaires have trodden on heads to get where they are. All of us at some stage have been “stooged” by someone with profit as their only motive.

It comes in the form of fraud, lies, deceit, bully tactics, outlandish claims, false promises, misleading information, trickery and many other disguised forms.

As a consumer we come across people every single day that cheat others to benefit themselves. In my many years in business I have learned that it is the easier path to travel (for the short term). For many ungifted businessmen/women, it takes less effort to rip someone off than it does to impress them and make them a lifelong customer or a raving fan client. For myself, I have been undercut, beaten by lies and sold products and services that make me furious afterwards. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel……

Social Media is word-of-mouth on steroids, lots of steroids. You may be familiar with the old saying

“If you do a good job they will tell a friend, if you do a bad job they will tell 10”. It’s human nature to spread negative news more so than positive, take the media as an example.

These days, consider how easy it is to spread bad news to 200 of your friends on Facebook or Google Plus and have that sync with your hundreds of followers on twitter and other platforms. If only 10% of them share it or like it that’s real bad publicity for any product or service. If 20 different people bag the same business or 20 000 bag the same product you have a horde of unsatisfied consumers that can cause big trouble for any business.

Today, we all hold massive-collective-power to cause serious damage

to the reputation of businesses with the click of a button, and it’s all done from the safety of your own home or office.

No other industry is a better known for scamming than interstate removalists, because of this, companies with integrity like www.interstateremovalists.com.au have to work twice as hard to prove themselves and earn trust and a good reputation. My industry has been tainted by the scammers and I intend to lead the way in changing this bad perception people have of removalists.

What You Can Do!

Demand better products and services.

If you receive bad service, buy a bad product or get ripped off, tell your friends on Social Media, not just once but a few times. Make it stick.  Ask them to share it and explain why; so that it spreads. Likewise, if a product or service is excellent, tell your friends about it and reward the businesses that are doing a great job. Social Media is a great place to ask your trusted friends for referrals, so use it.

Natural selection in business combined with the new and ever growing power of social media ensures that, over time; bad performing businesses and products will fail and drop away and the good ones will succeed and thrive.

The ultimate payoff for you is better quality products and services for less. “More bang for your buck” as they say.

There will be less of those televisions that die 3 days after their warranty expires, less hidden fees in your bank loans and far less of those dodgy contractors that rip you off for profit. However,  you can expect more high quality, cost effective operations like our interstate removalists,  Melbourne branch.

The real question now is:

How will you use your power, with honesty for your own long term gain? Or with dishonesty for your own short term gain?

I finish this blog with a quote from Uncle Ben

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Use it wisely and with integrity.

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Posted by Corey Smith

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