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One’s got to question why mother natures getting serious?

I have to start this post by saying I am a huge advocate for Global Warming and have been for many years. When I share my feelings about my beliefs with Global Warming it is always met with disagreements and protests. For some reason a large portion of the population still believes that it doesn’t exist and its just another multi – billion dollar industry that has been cooked up. From where I stand…..unfortunately these people will only realise the truth and facts when its too late to do anything about. As a removalist in Adelaide for over a decade I saw the climate change every year and noticed it clearly working out in open spaces and in a hot pantech truck.  Adelaide is a place where you really can notice it because of the extremities. Extremely hot and dry or ultra cold and wet. But the seasons seem to mix together more now and are far less predictable….and extreme.

You can say El Nino or LA Nina until your blue in the face to me, I see human damage on a mass scale to a fragile natural balance that took many millions of years to find its sweet spot.  How I see it…… if we don’t want to change our ways we need to accept Extreme whether as the way of the future and suck it up. But that’s just my opinion. I have another question for thought for all of those non believers….”if global warming is just fiction, why do we need to wait for signs or evidence of serious damage before we start to take more care”?

Posted by Corey Smith

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