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Moving Tips – How do I relocate my pet interstate?

Pets are a part of your family……and are just as much loved as your favourite piece of furniture, unless you catch your pet chewing that piece of  furniture. As interstate removalists we are more than aware  that its not just a case of driving your dog, cat, budgie, guinea pig or fish to the new house in the next suburb in your car like you would if you were moving locally…….they need to be professionally transported to your destination, we use animal transport specialists that can transport just about any animal you can think of including farm animals like cattle, sheep, goats and pigs etc. These specialists ensure your beloved pet gets plenty of fluids and as stress free environment as possible as your pet does stress a lot during a move, especially cats. If you have moved a few times before and have a pet cat you would know they often will take off as soon as you start to pack the house, they sense disarray and abnormal activity very quickly. I have been hissed at a multitude of times by aggitated pet cats when I was a full time remvalist entering a house to start packing it.

If you want to ensure your pets gets the best treatment it can for your interstate removal dont hesitate to mention your pet when speaking with one of our staff.

Posted by Corey Smith

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