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Moving from Pt Macquarie to Newcastle

When moving a distance like this, it is always a tossup as a interstate removalist to treat this as a local removal or backload it as an interstate removal. The distance between the 2 cities  is 116 kms, if we treat the job as a local move and send the truck up to Pt Macquarie there is a travelling time aspect to the move which is an added cost that would not be incurred if the job was treated as a backload BUT you furniture gets moved by itself. Which is more desirable and generally faster. The problem with back loading is that you share a truck with up to 8 other furniture removals and whilst a skilled removalist packer can make it fit without issues or damage it takes a bit more time and skill to make it work. If you furniture is in the truck by itself then I is easier to make it fit, there is less padding needed and generally the load is not as tight. I would say that the more desirable  option would be to pay a little extra and treat it as a local job. Ultimately it is our job as interstate removalists to give you the options and our professional opinion and have you make the decision you are most comfortable with.

Posted by Corey Smith

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