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Keep it up, don’t give up!

I have always been a person that runs on the fuel of an old saying…….”keep going and don’t ever give up”. Nothing could describe that better than a relocation we did in the Dandenong ranges in Melbourne Victoria about a week ago. The house was in a valley and was to put it nicely…..a shocker. It was at the end of a driveway that was about 300 meters long. We were not expecting not to be able to get the truck down the driveway and it was too late in the day to hire a flat top ute to shuttle run the items to the house. The removalists decided just to dig deep and go for it,  after all every job can’t be easy. It doesn’t stop there though, the house was a 3 story, the main entertaining areas were on the top floor including the kitchen and the bedrooms were in the middle level, and it doesn’t stop there either, the last 40 meters of the driveway was so steep that you had to gasp when you first looked at it. And the final part of the equation was our offsider twisted his ankle on a large rock on the gravel driveway on the first run of furniture to the house. One thing that was working in our favour was our interstate removalists were hard nuts and there was only 25 cubic meters of furniture on board which is only about a units worth.  After 3 hours of unloading the guys were exhausted and rung they Darren our operations manger to see if they could finish unloading in the morning but that was going to cause more scheduling issues than was desired, so Darren told the guys one of my old catch phrases “every bad day ends, so don’t give up” . An hour and half later they finished and even though they were exhausted they had achieved something that most people aren’t capable of. Well Done boys.

Posted by Corey Smith

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