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Interstate Removals | Melbourne and Adelaide

Choosing an interstate removalist from your area has so many advantages.

1. We know how to operate in your area, moving obstacles like traffic, trees, parking and the lay of the land – geographical conditions. Potentially saving you heaps of money.
2. We are more likely to have a truck in your suburb soon, enabling us to reduce your travelling costs. It’s called back loading and can save you a packet.
3. We have reputation, and are bound by it to provide you the best. Just ask around and you may get a good report from someone who’s opinion you do trust.

iMovers runs back and forth from Melbourne to Adelaide and vice versa every week. If you live in Melbourne or Adelaide and need to move, choose an excellent and reputable furniture removals company that operates in these cities.

Choosing your best interstate removalist is not as simple as getting the cheapest quote nowadays, it requires more investigation and asking the right questions. Those questions are:

1. Do you own your own trucks?
2. Will I see your company name on the truck that arrives at my house to move me?
3. Can you provide me the names of your experienced removalists and how long they have worked for you? (keep in mind these guys are the ones handling your furniture)
4. Can I have the phone numbers of some of your past clients for a referral of your service

These questions will very quickly point out who you are really dealing with.

To speak to a friendly, highly experience removalist…..call Glenn today! 1300 221 314

Posted by Corey Smith

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