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interstate removalists tips, the heaviest mongralish item to move

there are alot of items that put us to the test….i wouldnt go as far as to say we dislike moving them but when it comes down to moving the following items we would prefer to move couch cushons. here are some of the obvious items that you would suspect to be the worst…. moving a piano, moving a grand piano, moving a pool table, whilst they sound hard they are actually pretty easy as the piano trolley does most of the work. then  you can move on to moving a old antique 3 door wardrobe made of hardwood and full of fixed shelves, now that can be a mongrel at times. Try moving a Lat pulldown machine which is weight equipment, this one is hard because you have approximately 200 – 250 kg’s of steel and disc weights that cannot be moved with a trolley and is a very awkward shape, that one is hard. ever now and then you can get a 3 seater leather couch with two inbuilt recliners in it, to get this out of the house it needs to be manouvered with precisions so not to damage walls and the leather, this also is hard to very hard. But the winner for me is planter boxes. These are a long solid concrete pot approximately 1 meter long and generally have 3 or so different plants in them. these items are not cool because they never are in a house 1 only one, you can guarantee there will be a minimum of two of them, they will almost certainly squash trolley tyres flat and are always only a foot high which make picking them up with a trolley almost impossible by yourself. I have moved many dozens of these, even maybe hundreds and always put them down thinking that could have been easier. But let me emphasise that we love a challenge and certainly dont shy away from the heavy stuff….p.s     leave them at the house for the new owners.

Posted by Corey Smith

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