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Interstate Removalists Don’t Go Sight Seeing

I was speaking to one of our very satisfied clients recently who hired our interstate removalist service from Melbourne to Adelaide. We were providing a back loading service and explained to the client that because his furniture and boxes were going on the truck first, they would be unloaded last. This gave the customer a false sense of time security it would seem.

Our customer explained that he had taken the family for a leisurely drive down the wonderful great ocean road, the scenic route between Adelaide and Melbourne. Evidently our Melbourne interstate furniture removalists do not believe in the scenic route when it comes to delivering our customers furniture in their quick and prompt manner.

Between the sightseeing and the longer travel route the customer had taken, his trip became a rather long one. Our removalists had managed to unload the rest of the truck in Adelaide and arrived to drop off this customers furniture a full hour earlier than this customer had actually even believed possible.

Our removalists didn’t mind however as this gave them a prime opportunity to go and grab a quick bite to eat before they finally finished unloading their truck.

Moral of the story: if you hire us to provide a prompt furniture removals service, expect that you will get it.

Posted by Corey Smith

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