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Interstate Moving Tips – Reduce the costs of moving interstate

This questions is kind of like asking “how long is a piece of string” But there are some key things you can focus on that can drastically reduce the cost of your upcoming interstate move.

Number 1 – Move Less….easier said than done I now because most people struggle with getting rid of things but I raise an interesting question for you. If a fridge is going to cost you $150 to move interstate which is not a completely reasonable traveling from somewhere like Melbourne to Gold Coast, and its partially run down and old. Why not see if you can sell it for $50 in a garage sale prior to your move, then you are $200 up on this one item…..then once moved….buy a new one that is more modern and far more energy efficient. You have saved $200 on the purchase price of something you may have had to replace in a few years anyway. If this example doesn’t work for you think about what items do, what almost throw away that is large and cheap to replace at IKEA or another discount retailer. If you hold a garage sale before you move interstate you will be amazed what you can sell for good money.

Next week I will focus on a few other excellent moving tips

Posted by Corey Smith

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