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Interstate Moving Tip….What Is A Port-A-Robe And Do I Need One?

The short answer is “no”. The reason is because you are moving interstate and they aren’t practical for interstate moves, moving locally they are and very convenient too. The reason we don’t use them as interstate removalists is because of the purpose that they serve. Port-a-robes are an easy way to move clothes and have them remain un creased, basically you pull your clothes out of your wardrobe and hang them on the rail of the Port-a-robe. They are tall so suits and dresses don’t get scrunched up at the bottom and big enough to fit half a wardrobe of clothes in one single Port-a-robe. The problem with Interstate moving is that you get charged for space and Port-a-robes fill a lot of that. Now … I know you may be thinking that the clothes have to fill space regardless of what they are packed in and that’s true but Port-a-robes waste a lot of space under the clothes,  and you would not fill this space because then you crease the clothes that warranted spending the extra money to purchase the Port-a-robes in the first place. The best option for clothes when moving interstate is clothes coffins or the more technical name….clothes flat packs. They are far cheaper  than Port-a-robes to purchase and fill a lot less space so they cost less to move and they still keep your suits, dresses and hanging clothes relatively un creased whilst still remaining on the coat hangers…….the difference is they are laid in the box flat. Be sure to ask one of our staff about flat packs boxes for your next interstate relocation.

Posted by Corey Smith

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