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Interstate Moving Checklist Part 1: De-clutter Your Home and Save!

This is the first in a series of blog posts that make up our Ultimate Step-by-step Guide to Interstate Moving. In this guide you will learn:

- How to make money de-cluttering
- How to maximise your bond return or sale price of your home
- How to pack boxes like a professional interstate removalist
- Who to notify your moving and what to collect: A complete list
- Easy ways to avoid ALL of the common & costly mistakes of moving
- Much much more….

A lot of furniture removals expertise has created this guide,  so use it well!

Your Interstate Moving Budget

Consider your budget for your move. How much are you willing to spend, how much time and effort are you willing to put in yourself? If you’re taking time off work, that’s a cost too.

Look at the big picture. Have you considered every room in your house? Storage areas, shed, carport and what’s outside? Evaluate what’s really involved in your interstate move, remembering that every item needs to be relocated to your new home.

Create a moving budget template in Microsoft Word or Excel to help you visualise the costs.

Consider expenses like:

- Extra rent and bond at your new home or extra mortgage payments, stamp duty and other fee’s
- Truck hire, bond and fuel costs if you’re thinking of moving it yourself
- Outstanding bills (some may need to be paid before you can change address)
- Repairs or alterations to your new home or current home
- Packing materials
- Trolleys, ropes, pads and other moving materials
- Cleaning costs including yard and pool

How to decide if your furniture will hit in your new home

Consider the size and layout of your new home. Is it bigger or smaller? If it’s smaller, how will everything fit? Does it have built-in wardrobes and ample cupboard and storage space? If not, where will all of your nic nacs go?

An easy way to get an understanding of how much room you have is to get a plan/layout of your new home, cut out pieces of paper to represent your major furniture items, and rearrange them until you are happy with how it all fits. If it doesn’t all fit, you may need to get rid of some of it or we can help with any storage requirements you may need.

If you don’t need it, don’t pay to move it!

A well-timed and implemented de-cluttering and selling strategy will significantly reduce interstate moving costs and give you added cash to modernise your furniture in your new home.

Here are some ideas on what you can remove from your move:

  • Old and dated. Some second-hand furniture will sell for more than new furniture. Collectors and second-hand shop owners are always scoping out garage sales.
  • Tonnes of toys. Kids’ toys can add hours to your move. You can make your move fun for your kids too though, ask your little ones to sell their unwanted toys at a garage sale and let them keep the money to buy new toys once moved. It works!
  • Your toys. How long since you’ve used that ab-cruncher? What about the old Play Station in the spare room, or your rusted Webber? We all have items we just don’t use.
  • Pot plants are a huge space waster, the costs of moving plants interstate is exorbitant and there are quarantine issues to consider too. If they are sick or dead, empty the pots and stack smaller ones inside bigger ones to save space put them in a box if they fit!
  • The shirt off your back. Even if you don’t wear that pink shirt, someone else might. How many other clothes do have in mothballs?
  • The sound of money. Are you really going to listen to that old Jason Donovan CD? How many Greatest Pub Songs collections can you own?
  • Sizzle and save. Interstate Removalists cannot move gas bottles unless they’re empty, so it’s a good excuse to have a few BBQ’s over the following weeks.
  • Shed stuff. Clean out your shed and see what you actually use, shed gear always sells well in Garage Sales. Watch out for spiders. Let off a flea-bomb an hour before you do, they cost less than $10 and can save you from a “hairy” situation.
  • Raid the pantry. Now is the perfect time to eat some of your frozen food and perishables like canned foods, pasta, wine, sauces, snacks, etc. One box can cost up to $20 to move interstate, so eat your way to savings!

Give it to a good cause.

If an item doesn’t sell, donate it to a good cause; you may even get a tax deduction.

Find your closest donation centres:

St Vincent De Paul

Salvation Army

Be sure to check out part 2 of our interstate moving checklist on how and where to sell your unwanted goods for interstate removals

Posted by Corey Smith

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